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If the hogs win one game they got a real shot at being at least Co-Champs. Be hard for FL to sweep at KY. Could happen, but unlikely. Of course, the best way to do it is just win 2 in Nashville which removes all doubt. Whatever happens, this team has accomplished so much especially considering what they have gone through. Twenty SEC wins is special and very difficult. Hats off to them and DVH (too bad he is not baseball smart enough to join the board. He just could not stay up with our knowledge. We know far better who should pitch or play different positions. We are real keyboard coaches and not someone who just does it on the field!)


We’ve had a couple of coaches in different sports that I have questioned a time or two. None of them have been our head baseball coach. Neither of them. Like questioning Tom Brady’s ability to read Defenses. I just keep my mouth and keyboard closed and enjoy the winning. This would be a very special SEC championship, given all that this team has overcome.


Some will second guess anybody. Hindsight is 20 20.

Imo, DVH is the total package. He excellent at:

  1. Game management
  2. Developing players
  3. Recruiting
  4. Vision for the future
  5. Hiring assistants (they all leave only for promotions)
  6. Great representative of UA
  7. Loves his players and they love and respect him.

What did I miss?


He’s also flexible. He isn’t married to one system.

His first few years, we played a lot of small ball - moving runners by bunting, hitting and running, etc.

As the program improved, he was able to recruit better hitters and we see less small ball and more laser shots. Of course, he proved during this injury riddled season, he hasn’t forgotten how to manufacture runs without the long ball.


I think I saw a few Twitidiots calling for DVH’s job after the Lipscomb game.

Co-Champs sounds good, but I also like the sound of “20” SEC wins. I like our chances of winning at least one in Nashville.

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I think the Hogs can win the series in Nashville.
If the pitching is as good as this weekend we can win on the moon why not Nashville.
LSU needs to drop 1 at Georgia with the mess their pitching is in Georgia will probably win that series.
Florida drop 1 at Kentucky
Then the hogs win the Vandy series.
Hogs in the west and the SEC and the number 1 seed in Hoover.

Just win baby and let the other chips fall where they may. WPS!

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This is what some people may be overlooking. LSU is capable of sweeping the Dawgs in Athens. Not saying they WILL, but IF they do, we would have to win 2 games in Nashville or the Corndogs would nose us out by 1/2 game.

I’m confident we will win at least 1 of the games. 2 is doable but Nashville has never been an easy place for us to win. The good news is that, for whatever reason, The 'Dores are slumping right now.

Also…watch out for late-surging Florida. With their sweep of Vandy, they are just 1 game behind us. I believe if they win one more game than we do this weekend (i.e., if we go 2-1 and they sweep; or we go 1-2 and they go 2-1). they would win the tie-breaker by virtue of the fact that they did just sweep Vandy so any loss we’d have to the 'Dores would drop us behind Florida in a tie-scenario with them.

Fortunately (I hope), Florida finishes AT Kentucky. Here’s hoping the Wildcats put a blemish or two on the Gators.

It all makes for an exciting finish to the regular season.

Just win and it is all taken care of!


That is correct. Florida didn’t play LSU, or us, so Vandy is the highest-ranked common opponent.

I don’t see much “common” between the Hogs playing at Vandy and the Gators playing vs Vandy in Gainesville. (tough criterion)