Next week is the game

I think that Texas A&M’s offense is more challenging than Auburn.

Auburn’s defense is better.

I thought Auburn would have 500 plus yards, so we have that going for us. We found a running back with good speed and power, let him get the most snaps. Our offense has no identity with limited talent at QB, an O-line with no fire or technique most of the time and the worst special teams I have ever seen in the SEC or any other league. Our receivers and tight ends have a real aversion to blocking for anyone and will have trouble getting separation with most SEC teams man coverage. With all that said, we did look better than the last game. Mond will run for 200 plus yards against us in Dallas and we will lose yet another to them.

I’m very pleased with our effort yesterday. As I’ve said multiple times now, this season - for me - will be judged in effort and improvement instead of Wins and Losses. I saw some tangible improvement Saturday night. And it’s clear the team has not given up, as many feared. I saw fighting spirit.

That said, I’m afraid the Aggie QB will run for 150 yards against us. That’s always been our Achilles Heel. We’ve got to contain him.

If we can limit the damage he will do, and can also somehow limit special team mistakes, we’ve got a shot.

I’m just trying to bring some perspective about the connected failures. We have some systemic issues but we also have positives to work with towards showing improvement as the season progresses. Some fans are extremely negative yet I see good AND bad. Ty was getting so much pressure that he couldn’t set his feet for accuracy. Ty is not the long term answer but he can improve with some experience that would create confidence. Some of his failures are tied to the failures of other position groups as he is under pressure with very little time to get rid of the ball.

The Oline issues are talent so they aren’t going to make enough strides via experience alone. It will take a change to more quick passes so the Oline doesn’t have to hold their blocks as long. The WRs issues are physical strength/talent so experience won’t fix the problem. These WR’s are better suited to CUSA, Big12, etc that don’t have big physical CBs to play press coverage. They don’t fight through press coverage to get QUICK separation for Ty to get rid of the ball BEFORE the rush and blitzes get to him.

I would hate to be calling the plays for this offense but the OC has to set these guys up for some success.

Nobody is getting blocked, max protect is a waste of a man, going to have to speed up tempo. Use draws, screens, and passes over the middle.

True words. Slant passes into the area vacated by blitzing LB’s would be very good.

Ty is no doubt a work in progress and he will improve over time if we can have some patience. If not we can continue to criticize and burn his truck if necessary ! WPS

I sorta understand–but not really–people saying a running QB has “always been our achilles heel.”

For one thing, running QB’s are EVERYBODY’S Achilles heel…that is if they can also throw.

But also…I am not sure its fair to lump Chief’s defense and scheme in with previous staff’s. I DO think there is carry over from previous years regarding the tendency to tighten up under pressure and in the 4th Q.

But schemes that are gashed by running QB’s weren’t Chief’s. Monde may indeed hurt us…but I personally think Stidham is the better, more consistent QB…and Auburn the better team.

We shall see when they play of course.

I am NOT predicting we beat the Aggies, btw.

I AM saying we have a legit chance. Maybe 30-40% IMO. We have played them close and shoulda beaten them countless times in recent times.

Of course old-timers like me at age 55 remember when we owned the Aggies…

Yeah, our chances of beating A&M are definitely better than against Auburn. Still, those chances are very small. Bama could have scored 70 on A&M if Saban would have left Tago and the entire 1st team offense in for a couple more series. Heck, he brought in Hurts late in the 3rd qtr. Our problem though, is our offense and special teams are our weaknesses. I believe our D can hold A&M in the 30’s, maybe the high 20s, but I doubt there’s a chance in hell that we can score in the 30s.

I’ll respond; you didn’t quote my post, but your comments were clearly directed at it. And I don’t mean in a “hostile” way.

It’s fair of you to point out that prior defenses don’t - technically - have anything to do with Chavis’ defense this year. And, for the record, I’m a Chavis fan. I think those (and I have one in my watch party group) who like to point out how sorry Chavis’ defense was at A&M last year need to also look at how mediocre they are this season. Yet another example of “Jims and Joes” being the big factor.

However, for whatever reason, it seems like we’ve been particularly vulnerable to QB’s that can scramble if/when a play breaks down and all the receivers are covered. We had that dimension once upon a time when a 4.3 giant wearing #9 roamed our sidelines, and decades earlier when #4 was around. But teams wear us out with QB draws and scrambles much worse, on average, than I see with other teams (and I watch a LOT of college football other than Arkansas games).

I get what you mean - it bugs the heck out of me when I hear someone talk about a “Penn State Linebacker” or a “USC tailback” or whatever, like they all come out of a factory and are the same person. In this case, as a long suffering Arkansas fan (I go back a decade further than you; actually, to some doggone pretty good days), I simply expect a good running QB to torch us.

Now, I was very, very pleased with what i saw on defense last night vs. Auburn. I know they are somewhat challenged offensively, but we’re talking about a defense that gave up 429 yards to Colorado State! So the improvement against ANY SEC team is notable, to me.

I think we can be competitive against the Aggies, but we have to - somehow - figure out a way to burn them at least a little bit when they bring the kitchen sink against our fragile OL. Because until we do, they’re going to come at us and I pity Storey or whoever is playing QB. And there’s no reason to even mention the “special” teams.

Again - success this season is in baby steps of improvement, and finding those players who are buying in and will be factors when they get more help (in the next two recruiting classes). I don’t have an unlimited amount of time to wait any more, but I’m willing to be patient and see how things look in Season 3.

I was somewhat encouraged with the Hogs play against Auburn. The defensive line and linebackers did a good job against a more talented legit SEC oline. Auburn’s offense is not as good as Bama or Georgia but it is an average SEC offense with higher rated recruits than the Razorbacks. The stats on pass defense were helped by Stidham being off target. Still kudos to the defense for its best performance in years.

The offense still needs to improve greatly before it is a mid-pack SEC offense. The offensive line still fails on most plays. It did a reasonable job playing against Auburn’s top level defensive front. Storey seems like a better choice than Kelly. The OC and QB coaches need to tweak the passing game to only call plays that Storey can make. The running backs are one of the better groups on the team. I do think that you need to settle on either Whaley or Boyd to have 15-20 carries a game. We do need plays to utilize the speed of Hayden and Hammonds and the raw power of M Williams. The receivers and tight end must be good blockers. They must have sure hands and run precise routes. This is a lot to do but hopefully the offense will get better.

Special teams are horrible. They must get much better for the Razorbacks to win.

Our chances of upsetting the Aggies are small. They had some success against Alabama and were competitive with Clemson. At this point, we are just not good enough to beat A + M. We would have to play a near perfect game and win the turnover margin by 4 or 5. I do think that if we get off to good start, they can be competitative with A+ M through the 3rd quarter. I hope that they will continue to play hard and improve as a team.

The outlook this week is much better than after the NTS debacle. I just hope for improvement each week. JL and BB really left a mess and it will take time to reestablish the football team as a nationally ranked program. WPS

Hey Wizard…for the record I LOVE your posts. Always read them. All the way through. You make good points. Running QB’s have torched our defense lately.

I’m just hoping that Chief’s schemes will be less vulnerable…though we know he loves to blitz and play man. This team is tackling much better than last year. MUCH better.

As I mentioned, I didn’t take your post as an “attack”, or hostile response. Was just pointing out that it appeared to be a response to my prior post; hence, why I was responding back to you.