Next week is the game

…and we have a chance.

The Aggies aren’t as good as Auburn. Not close. We will need some breaks…and DRASTIC improvement on special teams.

But we have a chance. Ty has won the job. We move ahead now.

We have a defense. First time we’ve been able to say that for a few years.

We have to find a offense to help the defense out,special teams is beyond ridiculous…long way to go but I loved out defense tonight

I am very proud of Ty Storey. I think the Oline was ok against a very good Auburn Dline which gives us something to build upon for the season. The defense is much better with Ramsey, Greenlaw and Richardson back. Agim, Watts, TJ Smith, Ramsey, Guidry all stood out on Dline. It was very noticeably improved with Greenlaw out there.

I’m sorry but there is no way Ty Story is going to help this team be great on offense. He can’t connect on throws over 25 yards. He underthrows 84% of his throws when greater that 25 yards. Good kid, weak arm = stale offense.

I’m not sure I agree with this. A&M has something Auburn really doesn’t have and that’s a running QB. Our defense has to play with the discipline they did tonight to stop Mond(sp.).

I think Ty won the job, but he’s got to get on a better page with his receivers.

Tamu Offense much better than Auburn OL is better and they run the QB which has really hurt us before against them

I’m interested to see how Arkansas handles Mond. I thought Stidham would run more tonight than he did. Arkansas really hasn’t been tested by a running quarterback this year.

Who said this offense is going to be great? Who said Ty is going to help this team be great on offense? This year’s offense won’t be great because the WR’s can’t fight through press coverage, the Oline is mediocre, and our QB play has been terrible. We do have a QB that looks better and give us a chance to improve and move forward. We can transition the team with Ty Storey as he is serviceable.

Sorry my friend - they are better than Auburn. Even at QB, better at WR by a mile, better at TB, and better on the OL when Auburn is healthy which they were not tonight. Auburn a little better on defense.

You really thought the OL was ok?


Great kid and gutty as Hell tonight… but… I’m sure Pete Burks and Robert Johnson were great kids as well.

Unfortunately they could not play at a winning level in this league and neither can Ty. Weak and inaccurate arms dont get it done.

Yes I did because I expected much worse against the AU defense. I didn’t say we played good. We made yet another personnel change on the Oline so I expected Ty Clary to have many more problems at Center. The AU Dline is VERY good and should have beat us to a pulp. Our Oline held up much better than I expected - AU was flooding our Oline.

His arm is not weak at all. I would like to see his accuracy is with a clean pocket and without 2 or 3 defenders hanging off of him every play. I think a lot of the problems he made tonight are correctable, mainly learning to take a sack instead of forcing a throw, and throwing back shoulder down the sideline rather than throwing inside. Arm strength is sufficient.

I will be very happy to win another game this season. We have along way to go to get one. Tulsa may be our only shot. I thought effort was a lot better but I don’t see a playmaker on the team. Ramsey and Greenlaw were fun to watch and made a huge difference. They should be on offense.

I hate it for the players and the fans, but it’s going to be a very grueling year. I don’t think we can win a SEC game. They will have to make an incredible jump to win a couple.

I just don’t see it happening though. But hey maybe someone will have a off night or turn the ball over a lot, we will click or something.

They did play very hard tonight, TY worked very hard and showed toughness, he will need that toughness. It was good to see the effort and toughness. Just gotta keep working hard and keep playing the games with great effort, working hard toward next year, next year is here.

This kid you are defending has a weak arm. I don’t care how you want to spin it, but his deep passes against EI were all under thrown too. I saw it, you saw it, the defensive backs doe CSU saw it and got ready for it as well. He throw to mike woods was inside short, his interception before the half was a short inside throw. Believe all you want that he can be corrected, but it won’t happen. He doesn’t have the arm strength to move the ball down the field.

Here’s an idea…let’s try to throw higher percentage timing passes. It’s obvious our chances of going over the top are about .01, yet we keep trying. Move the friggin chains, use the tight ends, don’t take those deep drop backs, try something that might work, who’s calling the plays? a 15 year old.

I worry that the A&M QB will give us fits with his scrambling ability. Not sure we have enough offensive punch to hang with them, but most teams don’t come out the Alabama game without a hangover.

Amen brutha! Ty was throwing off his back foot all night.

We need the TEs for max protect. We have to throw something deep to keep the Safeties honest. When we do pass, Ty is getting so much pressure that he can’t set his feet for accuracy. The WRs don’t fight through press coverage to get QUICK separation for Ty to get rid of the ball BEFORE the rush and blitzes get to him. I won’t even detail the Oline and lack of protection. I would hate to be calling the plays for this offense.

Treat …come on brother. You’ve been making progress on the whole “ taking off the rose colored glasses” thing! :smiley: