Next week is gonna be tough

Auburn is better than expected. I don’t like our 3 man front against this offense and a mobile QB.

Auburn will be beat up from playing Georgia. That game is on the hill so I like our hogs chances to win at home!


Come on, it’s the SEC, next week is always tough!


Yes. It we had a great game offensive game today. Auburn is getting hammered by Georgia so I think our hogs will be hungry and angry next week.

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Hopefully the defense will come in fired up. I don’t think that they were for today’s game.

I think Ole Miss is a really good offense too.

Don’t know that I would say Auburn is getting hammered by Georgia. The Tigers are moving the ball against the Dogs – much more than we can say. 17-3 at the half, after the Tigers were stopped at the 3 yard line on fourth down. Point is, Bo Nix can be a nightmare to defend. Very elusive. The type that typically drives us crazy (e.g., Corral). We’ve simply got to do better than the 3 man front that offsenses have obviously adjusted to. Way too many Ole Miss big runs and wide open receivers today!!

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Not sure I’d say offenses have adjusted to the defense… last week we simply got run over… we could have had 11 in the box and it wouldn’t have mattered… today we played a team that was just a wee bit better than us… and actually was a little lucky to even win. They didn’t stop us either… we’re 4 and 2 and after the first 4 everyone was saying how good our defense is… now we’re just awful… strange.

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Ok, we can just agree to disagree. What is interesting is our first four opponents had below average QB and O line play which certainly helped our defense. Not so with GA and Ole Miss. Add to that our last two games of last year (Bama and Missouri), and our 3 man front scheme is simply not holding its own. What’s concerning is given our personnel, it may be our best option for now.

Prior to the GA game, I was very pleasently surprised by the play of our defense and loved the heart they played with (and still do). But I knew the next three games would be very tough for us. Throw out the GA game (they’re just that damned good), and Kiffin’s teams will always have an outstanding offense. Next week Bo Nix and a good O line will be another real test. I really like our DC, and believe our guys will certainly be ready to play. I just hope we have a better defensive game plan.


Agreed. Fans are going to come out in force because of last year alone.

AU will be a very tough matchup for us. I think they have the 2nd best QB in the league and their D is better than Ole Mrs. Our D had better be ready or we’ll see a repeat of today.

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Their qb isn’t that good but bigsby will run wild on us. Same thing happened last year. As the season wore on our defense got worse and couldn’t stop anyone. The 3 man front will let teAms pound us and then the play action stuff will be wide open as it was today against ole miss

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I am betting that we see a four man front on defense next week.

Yep we stay in that three men front they will Hammer us for about 250 yards… Nix is a very capable runner but he does not have the weapons that Ole Miss has so hopefully we can get a few more stops but their defense is far better than OM is

You would think that brother you would think that…600 yd rushing in the last 2 weeks might be just enough for us to finally realize we need another person up there

General I hope our fans stay positive. The hogs will play and leave everything they have on the field. That’s all we can expect.

I expect they will. Most people I’m seeing are disappointed but agree with the call for a 2 point conversion and that our defense is normally better than this.

I think no one questions the fight in this team. They play very hard.

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