Next week is D- Day for Chad Morris!

Would not expect HY to make any changes until after the last game.

That decision would be based on: 1)recruiting/decommits/transfers goes south, 2)there is an available coach whom we want & who wants to come to AR, 3)available money for buyouts (CBB, CCM, & to buy out new coach’s existing contract) vs current financial bleeding within the UofA dept. &/or 4)CCM willingness to change key coordinators.

It may be a hard sell by CCM to HY for him to keep his job, but HY must in turn sell this to the BOT & those holding the pocketbook.

Morris deserves to be fired but the most important question is what is best for program moving forward. I would like to see a new head coach but I am not convinced that making that move is best for the program because of the negative impact on recruiting. I do not like what I am going to type but I think the best move for the program is to replace Chavis and make other assistant coaching moves that do not negatively impact recruiting. They need to open the piggy bank to secure the best coaching staff possible. Instead of wasting money on paying off another head coach’s salary it makes more sense to me to use it to upgrade the key assistant positions and to be honest the assistant coaches may be more important than the head coach. Call me crazy if you want but the decline with the program started when an experienced SEC offensive line coach went to Georgia for a 500,000 raise. That should never happen as those guys have more of a coaching impact that the head coach. The head coach is more of a coordinator of the entire program than anything else and changing out the coordinator is not going to make much of a difference if the guys who do the actual coaching are still average coaches.

Morris is a solid individual who obviously relates to recruits and he is known to be a tireless worker in that process and it would be smart to remember that when it is all said and done no one coach is going to win if the talent is inferior. His first recruiting class was very good and his second class may not be as good with all that is going on but his class most likely is a lot better than what any new coach could come in and produce on a short term basis.

All of this leads me to believe that upgrading the coaching staff is the logical prudent thing to do.

You could be more right than you think.

Sometimes you are just not good at all and that’s the deal on these two guys!