Next week is D- Day for Chad Morris!

If C.M lets Western Kentucky come in and beat him with the Qb that left his program and Storey plays great if will be like the Perfect Storm to get him out of Arkansas… This game will be the tipping point for him and I really don’t feel like he will deliver and win this game!

With all due respect.

Tipping point may have been game coaching last year.

And then a belief we were taking a step and not getting creamed by San Jose State Tech U Northeast at home.

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Even if we win against WK I believe Morris and Chavis are gone!

It depends. People have made the point that there are a lot of factors that play into the decision to keep him or fire him. I believe Chavis is gone after the season, but not so sure about Morris.

Im back and forth due to the fact of QB plays has been so bad but both coordinators need to be gone after this year!

I would settle on changing the OC and DC and leaving CCM in place. But if next week he allows Hicks or Starkel to take a snap that would change my mind about him too!

Hicks and Starkle should not see the field next week! The transfer experiment has failed. Let’s get the two pups in the game. You can tell from their body language, they want the ball.

Sorry, but changing OC and DC is window dressing. Morris is a poor leader and communicator. He projects about as much confidence as a stump.

And what coordinators would want to come in for what would be, if he stays, the hottest seat in the country going in to 2020?

Time to start over ASAP.

Beating or Losing to WKU shouldn’t be the deciding factor on firing Morris or keeping him. The decision should have already been made with results we all have seen the last 2 years

The biggest problem with our two older qbs is that they have not had a qb coach. A coach like Enos would have done wonders for these two qbs. The coach next year needs to use the transfer portal a lot like the smu coach did to bring in bodies. I don’t see how anyone with half a brain could give morris another year.

Even if we win next Sat, to me 3-9 is not an improvement over 2-10. The decision about him should be already made.

This - he is an abject failure as an HC. Must go ASAP

If CM is retained next year for the buyout economics on him and BB (that should be the only reason), it will be one miserable football season for every fan, player, coach, and media member with each loss (which we know there will be a lot of). There will not be a single drop of forgiveness at any level.

You never know.

How about suspending him with pay for doing an inadequate job as the HC. Let ??? be the acting interim coach for the last 3 games. Then terminate him on Jan 2, 2020, when the buyout is reduced by $2 million (not sure of the amount). Unless, specific language preventing that is in the contract, it should be legal as you continued to pay him for the last 2 months of his contract.

Decision has already been made, but you cannot fire Morris and leave this team hanging for 3 remaining games with either coordinator (Chavis or Crash-Craddock). It will happen after season ends in Little Rock. Next coach up here needs to have the OL focus of a Danny Ford and the defensive intensity of the better Kiffin (Monte) with the motivational rah rah of a Nutt. It’s a lot to ask for in one package of a head coach.

Won’t do a bit of good to fire Chavis if you don’t do the same to Morris not only does he not know how to develop QB’s he has no idea who to play at that position. Morris is just a glorified high school coach and there are several in this state that could out coach him at that level.

I’m pretty sure we can say that’s not true. But believe what you like.

Chad Morris can’t save his job by beating Western Kentucky. He might lose it by losing to the Hilltoppers. Going 3-9 with 0 SEC wins in 2 years…even Chad wouldn’t expect not to be fired. If KJ Jefferson leads us to wins over Western Kentucky and Missouri, then that is probably saving him, don’t you think?

Yesterday, before the game, I would say yes. But after yesterday, unless Jefferson and Jones put on a show against our last 3 opponents showing where this offense can go in the future if Morris stays, and at least beat WKU and Mizzou, then Morris might be fired if he’s not already.