Next stop for Desi - Auburn or Texas A&M

Either one will be a chippy game I bet. Devo will be in his shirt.

Just hope he is happy wherever he goes. No one played harder than Desi.


I get that you on longer get to say “you can’t go to an SEC school” but I sure don’t like players going to schools in the SEC.

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If we are putting Devo on Desi, then AU has some serious issues offensively.

I would think Desi would be coming off the bench at Auburn, too.


Bruce Pearl must believe he can get more consistency on three point shooting if he takes Desi.

I think A & M is a better fit, just because Buzz’s system makes it easier to live with high effort guards that don’t score consistently, and I think he does a better job than Pearl of keeping short guards out of trouble on defense.

Would have thought Desi to go somewhere to get a guaranteed starting role.
Or is it to just play against his old team. At aTm he would team up with Henderson.

I think Desi removed his “final 2” post. He supposedly has received interest from a Big 12 school that he is now considering.

I’m a little surprised that either Mike didn’t reach out to Desi, or Desi just didn’t want to go to N.Y. for a year. Did Desi ever say if St Johns made contact with him after he entered the portal.

I’m a little surprised Desi isn’t looking at places where he almost be a guaranteed starter, He’s going to need minutes to showcase his talents.

Sounds like he wants to play against us… Bring it on!

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Pearl is really trying to load up on Arkansas kids. Sure hope he doesn’t go there.

I’ll just be glad when there are no more Flanigans left to crap on their home state. Whatever their beef is, it’s over 20 years old by now. Muss has nothing to do with it. He is just trying to build us back to being a national power. If the Arkansas kids don’t want to come, I’ll be sad, but Muss is recruiting coast to coast…just like Coach Richardson did. Pearl is slime, and Auburn will never be a national power in basketball. Their last Final Four will be their last Final Four. Book it.

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If he stays in the SEC, our three point defense just got better…


Jeremy I’m no fan of Cheatin Bruce Pearl. However, I think the Flanigan feud ended some time ago. Mike signed Daryl Macon and Khalil Garland. At one time Javon Franklin was committed to us. Wes just seems tobe doing his job. He obviously still has connections in Arkansas. As for Desi or anyone else going there now, I just have to scratch my head. There is a good just chance that Aubrun will not be playing any post season basketball anytime soon.

I hope you are right about all of that, eagle.

Karma can be a beache. Moses showed class.

Ethan Henderson also.