Next season

It’s hard for me to be overly optimistic about next season for many reasons, but the main one has to be the schedule.

Just looking at the schedule makes me realize BB has his hands full in a moderately warm seat season.

Away games:
South Carolina
Ole Miss

On a season expected to bounce back, the odds will be against us. There are some tough games every year, but it’s never good having tough away games in a critical year, as some see it.

I hope they prepare well and blow some minds next season.

But looking at the schedule I’m thinking another 7 win season.

I see two pretty winnable road games there. If you can go .500 on the road in the SEC, you’ve done well.

Yeah I agree with ole miss being one.

SC is too, but won’t be a walk in the park.

Really it will come down to what happens in Arlington for me. If we can finally beat A&M my hopes will go up, but if we tank that like normal than I will continue to not expect much.

This happens every odd numbered year. Not only do we have those tough teams away, we have a home game in Dallas vs A&M. Those years we have few big games with a home field advantage.

I’m optimistic for next year. I believe our OL will be better. QB play will be better. RB play will be better. WR pay is up in the air, but there is potential for it to be good.

Defensively, I’m not sure we could be much worse so I see improvement there.

Take away two horrible 2nd half meltdowns, and we would have had a 9 win season last year.

Im looking for 9 wins in 2017, and that may include the bowl game.

Look at the sequence of games. We start out with an easy game in LR, then a Moderate game against TCU in Fayetteville, then we have an open date to work out any kinks on defense.
Then we play an A&M team that has to replace a lot of talent, then we play New Mex St in Fayetteville for a chance to get things right, then we go to USCe for a tough game with an up and coming QB, and we have a chance to be 4-1 before we go to Alabama the next week. Bama will be a typical NFL team in college and we could be 4-2 after Bama.

That 2 week away game stretch with USCe and Bama is brutal. We finish out with teams that have a lot of Unknown issues. After bama, We come back to DWRRS for a game with AU and a new hot shot QB. AU could be pretty good if the QB is as good as advertised. The next week we go to Ole Miss with a hot shot QB but not sure what else. OM is an enigma until we know more about the NCAA investigation. We then come back to DWRRS to lick our wounds against Coastal Carolina. We then go to Red Stick to face LSU.

We get a nice 2 week stand at HOME to finish the regular season against Misstake and Mizzery.

We have a chance to be 4-2 after Bama, but the remaining teams pose too many unknowns to make a call.

Sept. 2
Florida A&M
Little Rock, Ark. (War Memorial Stadium)

Sept. 9
Fayetteville, Ark.

Sept. 23
Texas A&M
Arlington, Texas (AT&T Stadium)

Sept. 30
New Mexico State
Fayetteville, Ark.

Oct. 7
at South Carolina
Columbia, S.C.

Oct. 14
at Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Oct. 21
Fayetteville, Ark.

Oct. 28
at Ole Miss
Oxford, Miss.

Nov. 4
Coastal Carolina
Fayetteville, Ark.

Nov. 11
at LSU
Baton Rouge, La.

Nov. 18
Mississippi State
Fayetteville, Ark.

Nov. 25
Fayetteville, Ark.

I said last year to anybody that would listen that the Auburn game set up very poorly. They were off the week before and we were coming off two very emotional games. At first glance Ole Miss looks like a similar setup. I’ll have to see who they play the couple of weeks prior to that game.

Check that - Ole Miss runs the gauntlet as well prior to the game against us. In Red Stick the week before.

USCe and A&M are so hard to figure, so that first 6 games is odd. Everyone has decided that LSU is going to set the world on fire but they still don’t have a QB.

Etling is at least serviceable. Which about four of his predecessors weren’t. It’s no lock that he wins the job. But it would not surprise me that someone else starts their opener, but by mid-October Etling is back in the lineup.

Etling is mediocre but yes…he is serviceable. Brandon Harris is still there too. I think this is why Malachi Dupree left early for the NFL.

Brandon Harris announced he is transferring as a graduate student.

Wow I had not heard that. It is hard to win in the SEC without a good QB. Their defense is going to have to save them.

To me the big games are TCU and Texas A&M. Of course, there are other big games, too. But those are the ones that will bring the season into focus. We’ll know a lot about the Hogs after those two.

I agree on the tcu and a and m games. We begin each year under cbb 0-1 in vonfeeence. In the hole from the beginning. Tcu is another very important game. Let’s hope the 3-4 defense can slow the running games down, especially the qb runs. Killed us last year.

Brandon Harris announced he is transferring.

What do you think of TCU?

Kenny Hill returns and will be pushed by incoming freshman Shawn Robinson. RB Kyle Hicks and the return of Taj Williams, John Diarse and KaVontae Turpin at WR is big. The line was bad like ours last year with learning curve issues but now will have 4 starters returning like we do too. Their defense has to replace studs on the line (DEs James McFarland and Josh Carraway, DT Aaron Curry). They will have a strong back 7 again but lose stud safety Denzel Johnson.

A&M has 2 big holes to fill - QB Trevor Knight and DE Myles Garrett to the NFL. Both Oline and Dline lose major studs and that is not easy to say NEXT at those positions. The SEC is won at QB and on the line. A&M has too many critical holes to fill.

SR Jake Hubenak, RS FR Nick Starkel and true FR Kellen Mond are in line at QB. They return RB Trayveon Williams but WR was decimated. Top WR option Christian Kirk is the top returnee. Avery Gennesy and Jermaine Eluemunor have moved on so they have to replace two new tackles.

It will be a painful task replacing the Freak Garrett and Stud Daeshon Hall at both DE spots. Daylan Mack at DT is a stud that could offer stability on their Dline. The secondary will be the anchor led by safety Armani Watts, CB Nick Harvey and CB Priest Willis.

Think some may be counting this a W just because of the way TCU finished last season and the fact that it’s at DWRRS. But Patterson will have them ready to play. May be another shootout.


I agree because their offense will be VERY good with so many returning skill players and 4 Olineman. Our defense is our weakness against their Offensive strength. Their Dline may be weak enough to allow our run game to get into some flow. At least it is at DWRRS.