Next season another 1998?

Things really seem to be setting up for whoever is coaching the Hogs next year. The young quarterback has now had 4 games of starting experience including leading 2 come from behind victories. Young talent emerging at running back and wide receiver, the jc tight end settling in at Arkansas now. Next year’s offensive line has played the last 2 games, with some young talents in the background.

Defensive side of the ball, the linebackers are led by 2 that have done well all season plus Randy Ramsey beginning to adapt to the new position. Secondary will get the all conference candidate back to aid the freshmen cbs that have played. Will Brown be an answer at safety to play alongside Ramirez? Will the young dlinemen develop

We have a placekicker with distance and the nerve to hit a game winner on the road.

Have needs of a stud defensive lineman or 2 along with 2 offensive lineman. Can Bumper Pool step in at a linebacker spot, if Gooden makes it campus, will he be the noseguard needed? If 3 or 4 of these are answered, it will be fun.

Will be high expectations regardless of the coach next year.

I won’t predict it, but it’d sure be nice. I know we have a much softer schedule next year. We pick up Colorado St instead of TCU. We get Vandy instead of USC. Ole Miss should be down. That should be 5 wins. (Yeah, I know, Coastal should’ve been a runaway, too.)

Hope so, but sure don’t see the talent required on the lines. That just does not happen over night. I really like Cole’s attitude and leadership. That guy is a winner. Has several holes in his game, but will not let them hold him back. That is infectious

I’m with Jim. Lack of big uglies tempers my enthusiasm for next year regardless of who the coach is.

They will have at least 12 scholarship OL back next year, have two more committed and are looking for at least one more. The number of bodies on the OL should be sufficient, and the recruited talent level is high enough to be reasonably good, based on who was also recruiting most of these guys when they signed/committed. The real question is whether the OL coach/OC/head coach can get more out of them than we’ve seen the last two years.

The DL will have seven down lineman who have played quite a bit returning, plus a couple of redshirts and a couple of recruits. Except for a need for one more NG, there will be plenty of down linemen with experience, but can they produce at a higher level? The answer there is probably yes, but may depend on how much better we look at OLB, where they have lacked enough true 3-4 guys all year. They’ve got some young guys on the roster who have to develop at OLB, and maybe pick up at least one more who can play right away.

So the situation on the lines is maybe not as dismal in 18 as you might think. It could be like 98 all over again, if the staff can get more out of what’s on campus and bring in a few more bodies. The skill positions are in much better shape than in 98, so there is a chance once again for someone to win a lot of games with another staff’s recruits.

It’s possible, but line play and depth on both sides would have to really improve.

Young skill positions could be pretty good.