"Next man up..."

Interesting than CMA mentioned both CJ and Hall in that statement about stepping up for Thomas. I seem to recall some brief runs this season when both were on the court with three other guards. I like the idea of either being used at the PF in certain situations. As long as the opposing four isn’t a post beast, Hall can play there at both ends against most teams and rebounds as well as or better than most of our forwards. CJ could help shoot teams out of a zone at the four, and we could play the old Olajuwon offense that the Rockets ran, namely surround the big with four arc threats. One thing I would have been interested to see this season is some short sets with a speed/long team doing the CNR scramble, maybe Barford, Macon, CJ, Hall, and Bailey.

Mike said that, but in reality Cook and Adrio are going to have to come through. I am looking forward to what Cook can do with extended PT like he got against Auburn.

When CJ’s shots are falling he is a real weapon. Not so much when they are not falling.

After finding out DT was dismissed on Monday my first thought was that Arkansas could be down two guys this week if C.J.'s knee isn’t right. But, Mike said he’ll be available and ready to play, so that’s good news. He’s shooting it well lately - 6 of 8 from deep in the last three games. He also knocked down seven 3s in the final two games on a neutral floor in Portland and that’s encouraging, too.

If Arkansas winds up playing Ole Miss on Thursday you could definitely see a smaller group on the floor quite a bit - potentially with Jones and Hall at the 3-4 - to match up with the Rebels’ four-guard lineup. Darious killed Ole Miss on the glass the last time they played. With South Carolina you have to account for Silva (6-9) and Kotsar (6-10), but again, the smaller lineup could be used to pick up the pace since SC wants to grind everything to a halt.

As far as ‘next man up,’ Adrio and Darious are the guys that I think need to have solid games. Those guys’ energy on a neutral floor can be a big plus. Perhaps Arlando comes out and plays great being back in his hometown, but his tendency to fumble the ball at the rim concerns me. His biggest asset is working himself into solid position for easy stickbacks.

Yeah, I fully expect that Bailey and Cook will handle most of the duties at the #4, as they should, and Gabe will get some minutes, especially if either play poorly. I just found it interesting that CMA would even mention CJ and Hall in that context, especially CJ.

I find that interesting as well. Might MA be thinking about what essentially would be a four-guard lineup to try to run someone out of the building? I wouldn’t expect a lot of minutes with that kind of combination but it might be used to turn up the heat in the second half.