Next improvement planned for Baum?

Earlier this season, when the TV commentators complimented Baum to Van Horn during one of their sideline interviews, he hinted that there was exciting things planned for the future. Does anyone know if there is a Master Plan with a next step coming up or what may be in the works. I would guess:

  1. More suites (I understand there is a long waiting list for the present ones) but will the demand be as great for suites in the corners of the sidelines or behind the visitor’s dugout? Could they have a another level of suites above the present one?
  2. Expand the Hog Pen to the right field area?
  3. Suites behind visitor’s bullpen? That would probably be a better viewing angle than along the foul line in the corner.
  4. Would it be worth moving the bullpens into the corners, perpendicular to the field and bring the outfield seating and/or hog pen to be right on top of the wall?

Anyone know their plans?

It appears something is in the works, but like you, I’ve wondered if suites behind right field or in the corners would sell as easily. I"ve also wondered about double decking the suites. That’d be a major project & might take more than a year to complete. No telling what it’d cost.

I’d hate to move the BP’s. I think they’re in the best spot for one to be. I hate those BP’s that are open & just off the foul lines. Seems like that’s where they have them at Alex Box.

I don’t think they are quite ready to undergo the suite expansion, although the demand is there. The next improvement is probably going to be a combo weight room/clubhouse facility built on the west side of the stadium.

Outside right field needs some love. Retractable roof would be nice as well.

As Matt was saying, new clubhouse and training facilities on the West side, which would mean moving home dugout to first base side. So the bullpens would switch too.

I like the thought of the visitors pitchers warming up under the wrath of the Hog Pen Hecklers.

I am hoping for Club Seats in right field. Those would not be as expensive as a suite, but provide welcomed shelter in February and March. I can’t afford a suite even if one were available, but might pony up for some indooor seating, even though it’s not like sitting behind first or third base.