Next guys up?

DL Cameron Ball has been on my list for awhile as a possibility to jump on board.

In an recent interview, CB MJ Daniels told me Arkansas and Texas A&M was standing out. Here’s another I think could be a Hog.


I think we have 20 of our allotted 25 committed right now. Assuming we keep them all, do you think your 2 named plus 3 held for grad transfers will finish the class?

They want another OL. I could see a TE grad transfer.

A lot depends on who wants to come for the 21 class. If he’s a supposedly can’t miss you take. I don’t think there’s a for sure formula. Could change as the season progresses and they see deficiencies.

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I feel fairly certain there will be a punter in the 2021 class.

Looking at the big picture, it appears to me CSP has promise Coach Fountain scholarships for both kickers and probably the deep snapper.

Best guess that George Caratan, RS Soph will be put on scholarship.

I believe Patrick Foley, Creighton Prep, Omaha is plan B.

If Caratan kicks well enough to be put on scholarship they probably won’t sign another one, don’t you think?

Any punter will be a walkon.

What about Caratan? He Has been outstanding in practice. He would be blueshirted exactly as same as J Crawford.

Once again why would you have two punters on scholarship, blueshirt or not?

Sam Loy has never been announce as being on scholarship. Are you sure he is on one?

I’m talking 2021. I have no idea whether Loy is on scholarship or not. I’m saying if they give Caratan a scholarship they’re not going to sign another punter in this class.

I said Patrick Foley was plan B. Meaning Foley was the backup plan, if Caratan didn’t work out. Fail to earn a scholarship, Foley was next man up.

I have been a member of this board for 20 years. I think your question was the dumbest question I have been asked during my time on this board.

We’re talking around each other. I’m saying we’re not going to have two punters on scholarship, whether it’s Loy, Caratan, Foley or my Aunt Nancy. And that’s all I’m saying. Or asking. You read something into it that wasn’t there.

Technically Cameron Little is a 2021 K-P commit and will be on scholarship.

Your Aunt Nancy will not be on scholarship. I have seen two punters on scholarship. Bruce Lahay and Steve Cox were both on scholarship at the same time. If there is a great punter out there, give him a scholarship. Bringing Aunt Nancy into this thread is not the brightest thought. LOL.

Bruce Lahay kicked field goals, Clay. Ask Baylor; he beat them in '81.

And the scholarship limit wasn’t 85 in 1981. It was 95. Gives you more leeway to hand out a few more.

And my Aunt Nancy is dead,

Kicker-punter is fine. He could lose the punting job and still contribute as the kicker, or vice versa. I’m talking about two pure punters.

If there are two great ones out there, give them a scholarship. A guy sitting on the sideline is likely to transfer anyway. Back-up punters (and kickers) are like QBs, they don’t hang around to watch.

Yes he did, but he started out as a Punter. If my memory serves me correctly, he only kicked field goals his Senior year.

Left footed, wasn’t he?

Lahay went from having a fairly average career at Arkansas until he was a senior. He was absolutely clutch that year. About the way Kendall Trainor’s career was. Fabulous senior season.