Next game: Florida; What we know about them?

This is not a comparison only information, mostly on Florida. As you know FL is one of the top seven recruiters in SEC: AL, AU, GA, TAM, FL, LSU, & TN; not in that order, varying each year. Last year they played 14 games including SEC Championship and Citrus Bowl. They won 10 and lost 4. Of the 10 wins, only two worth mentioning: A 28-27 win at home over TN (AR vs TN 24-20 on the road), and a 27-3 win over GA in Jacksonville, FL. The rest were cupcakes out of conference and SEC easy. They lost to LSU 28-35, FL. ST 2-27, AL 15-29, and Michigan 7-41.
Their problems were inexperience in O-line, which was regarded as “soft”. Not much running game or passing game, problem scoring. Two things kept them going was a good defense and special team. They still got these two plus the O-line is improved a lot. They are gaining 93 yards/game more and scoring is improved by over one TD. Two players to mention in O-line, one is David Sharpe, and the other is a freshman Wanny Taylor, who is known to blow the people off the line and says “run behind me”.
Their QB, Luke Del Rio is a red shirt sophomore, two times transfer, who has had limited playing experience. He threw 3 interceptions on their win over MO 40-14, but he has improved a lot, and knows their offense well.
Jim McElwain, emphasizes special team, takeaways, and field position. He likes to horde the ball like AR. We are playing a much-improved team from last year, with a lot of talent and speed. This year they are 5-1. This is no cupcake.
Update on FL:
Update on Florida: FL defeated GA 24-10, using its dominating defense. GA had a total 164 yards, 239 yards below their average. Chub had 20 yards on 9 carries. FL made GA a one dimensional team forced them to pass. Then GA’s QB was running out of pocket trying to pass. FL scored three TD’s having good field positon with help from its defense and special team.
I see this team as a lesser version of AU. Can AR do better?

My guess is they are not a cupcake. That said they lost to Tennessee and beat Kentucky, Mizzou, and Vandy.

Still largely an unknown to me.

Next question are we more like Kentucky and Missouri or like Tennessee - we shall see.

their offense is pretty weak. They depend on the defense to feed their offense.

It comes down to the lines and tackling. If we play like we did against Auburn, we get destroyed. If we play like we did against Bama, we beat em.

They are still unknown to us because of their schedule. The teams they have beat are teams we feel like we too could have beat. U-mass W 24-7, KY W 45-7, N. TX W 32-0, Van W 13-6, MO W 40-14, L TN 28-38. Compare that to the teams we have played, and the way we competed (with exception of AU), we should feel OK. What has affected our thinking lately is which AR team is going to show up. The one that scored 30 points on AL, or the one who came flat and got flattened by AU?

Good write up nshir. I am going to watch the UGA UF game today for some insight. Their DEFENSE worries me wiht how weak we are on the Oline.

D only allows. 16 pets a game

Opposing qb’s complete only 37%

Great d line

Will be very tough to beat if our OLine. Does not improve

Their offense is average

Pretty much sums up my view. Tennessee shredded their D in the second half so it can be done. Their offense is not very good.

Their offense is average at BEST. Their QB is not good. Our defense will HAVE to stop the run. Can we actually tackle somebody and not just wave at them as they go by? Their best playmaker is Calloway. They try to get him the ball in a multitude of ways: deep balls, speed sweeps, punt returns.

Their defensive line and defensive backs are very, very good. They have two of the best cornerbacks in the nation. Will our offensive line be able to open any holes in the running game? Will Austin Allen have time to throw? We must be able to run the ball in order to protect Allen in the passing game. Our entire identity on offense is predicated on keeping the defense off balance. Being one dimensional is our kryptonite. Our offensive line is not good enough to play strictly smashmouth football or to try to throw the ball every down. I sincerely hope AA is not running for his life like he has been when we have played good defenses this year.

I have no idea if we will win. Florida is not great this year and is very beatable. But who knows if this Razorback team will/can actually do it.

I’m afraid our man AA is gonna take another beating. We can’t block their pass rushers. No way, no how. Our D will have to play the game of their lives and McFain will need to kick a few more long FG’s for us to win.

Our Oline is the key. Florida’s weakness (offense) against our weakness (defense) is a toss up. If we can run the ball a little and give AA time to find crossing routes behind the LB’s then we can alter their defense’s plan to blitz and overload our Oline 8 to 5.

What do we have left in the tank after a week of rest and reevaluation after the beat down in the Plains?

If we can’t beat the Gators now than when?

What will the lessons learned be?

It’s time to get a W against Fla on our turf and Coach B needs to right the ship and November has been his best in recent years

I think the OM AU game last night made me feel better about our loss, but that doesn’t mean it is acceptable to lose to AU like that. I pray Raulerson’s ankle is healing because I have NO idea how he is playing on it. He has my respect for playing with 50 feet of tape on his ankle. Ragnow has my respect to come back after his Father’s funeral to an Oline with problems. We have to find a way to make the UF LB’s stay off the line to cover our crossing routes and TE’s.

I wrote you an update on FL-GA game, it went just as we thought. Real AR team stand up, please!

Statistical best defense in the conference…Alabama is first in the nation in rushing D allowing only 70yds. /gm. But the Gators only give up 105. They allowed Georgia 21 on 19 attempts.

They rank second in the nation in Total defense, Scoring defense, and Passing yards allowed, just behind Michigan in all three. They have 21 sacks, comparatively Alabama has 32 and aTm has 26 in 1 more game.

Offensively it’s a wash, Hogs average 18 more yards a game.

It don’t look good on paper. But Hogs are gonna show up anyways. :sunglasses:

Than it goes to what has this staff surely knowing all this done with the team to prepare them to counter floridas obvious strengths?

They got a break before this game what ARK team shows up?

Nshir this is a great write up again- good job!

We got AU after an open date and Gussiah is tough when he has extra time. Our next 2 games are at home with teams that have just played big games. We take on UF after their Cocktail Party Georgia game in Jacksonville. We get LSU after their Bama game. We get both team after extremely hyped and physical games.

In my opinion, our defense is porous against Spread offenses and especially HUNH pace, but RS has been solid against conventional and pro style offenses. Florida is somewhat of a hybrid conventional running team. They are a ball control offense that holds on to the ball with long drives and had the ball for 37 minutes against UGA.

I think our defense will do better just because of the UF offensive scheme, and then add in us being pissed off. Our Oline is the key to this game. Can they perform better and can we throw quick passes - slants and behind the LB’s to alter their attempts to overload our 5 Olineman with 7-8 defenders?

On their game with TN, on the first half, Dobbs had 7 of 20 for 84 yards. Somehow TN picked up its game in send half. Dobbs went 9 of 12 for 235 yards. They had six drives and scored on 5 of them. On four TD’s the TN receivers ran free to the end zone. Supposedly FL have two of the best defensive backs in the nation. The key was protecting Dobbs so he could operate his options. I hope we can do the same for AA this time.