Next flock of Hawks drawing interest … um=twitter

A big dilemma for Mike Anderson is a ton of talent in the 2019 class and no scholarships available. I heard Coach Baker say that Mylik badly wants to play for Arkansas, and so do McBride and Caesar. How will that be possible!

we’ll be lucky to sign six for 2018, and if we do no way they all pan out for second year.

Caesar is nowhere near good enough to play for the Hogs. He will have to make huge strides on and off the court for it to be a dilemma regarding fitting him into the roster.

Maybe you are right about Caesar. I have not seen him play. But I am led to believe that 2019 instate talent is outstanding (and that is what Richard’s article is all about) and we don’t have any available scholarships. That was the point.

I hate that I didn’t get to see much of these three guys at Real Deal. I watched the Wings 16U team once and didn’t get a good feel for Wilson. No one immediately jumped out to me on the 16U Hawks team either, although Khalen Robinson has a chance depending on how much he physically develops. Didn’t see McBride and Caesar since they were playing for Team Penny at the time. I realize people are impressed with McBride based on his high school play but I reserve judgement until I see him against multiple D1 prospects a few times. With Caesar, he’s a little bit of of a mystery since he didn’t play much high school ball last season and wasn’t seen much this spring/summer. Being from my hometown, I was told the raw tools were there last season. He could have made a big jump this spring/summer.

Ceasers is not there yet, but has a chance.

Agree on Robinson. The next two years will be important. He could end up being another Kahron Ross where he doesn’t fill out enough for the big schools.

McBride can shoot with the best of them. He’s more of a two right now and being 6-0 or so he needs to be more of a one. He did a good job of running the team in Vegas though.