Next Commitment

I’m gonna go with Dylan Rathcke.

Going with lb Johnson

I’m hoping for just the position groups of either LB or OL the best available that’s wants to be a hog.

I’ll go with a QB named KB.

I’ll go with all of the above announcing simultaneously. We need all of them and more.

Sweet baby Jesus, I’ve been trying not to get my hopes up, but my hopes are high now.

Complete agree…WOW

KB or Devin Bush.

Either are good

I am going with Bush.

With Saturday being an open date, I’ve made a commitment to watch college football and the Breeders Cup and play the horses while enjoying some beverages.

That’s one commitment you can take to the bank.

Not so surprisingly, that is my plan as well.

Sleep late - might just sleep past 11 a.m. just to be symbolic - and then go to the theater room with the dogs and spend the day and night watching everything.

SEC Triple


I gotta watch Air Force -Army too. :sunglasses:

I hope I feel like going to the deer woods. I may not take a shot but it’s always nice to enjoy the woods this time of year. You never know what animal will pass by.
I will record the Army game and watch it later.

Is there any truth to the rumor that we have 2 “Silent” commits?

On another thread prior to Carter committing, one of the insiders made the comment we had three silent commits. When Carter committed they said he had been a silent commit. So, that would leave two, who they are? Don’t know.

Since KB the QB is going to NC and maybe MSU, then I think her might not the next one.

Still liking Arkansas chances of landing KB? Two visits to UNC has me worried

You can see who I believe Arkansas has a good shot at by some of my posts. Kind of like with Carter.

It’s Sad when you have to worry about a football player visiting North Carolina.
I still think KB ends up suited it up on the hill. I have hope.