Next commitment?

Here’s the guys I think could be next.

CB Dreyden Norwood, TE Erin Outley, WR Ketron Jackson, DL Cameron Ball, CB Markevious Brown, CB Ricardo Hallman and LB Martez Thrower.


We’ll take any/all of those guys Richard!

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Yes please!

Great to have all those guys playing for the Razorbacks.
Momentum is a great thing, at least when it is in favor of the good guys.

How many will we take in this class?

This staff may end up being the best recruiting staff we’ve ever had. I sure like the direction we’re going in so far. By observing the staff he assembled and the recruits he’s drawing, building relationships seems to be a gift of Coach P. Now for success on the field.

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23 as of now. I bet it’s 25.

You know me and the numbers game. It always changes.

I gotcha rd, thx! Lol

Taking Ricardo Hallman off the list for now. He’s committing today and it won’t be Arkansas.

I thought they might be able to sway him at the last minute. Will interesting to see if they can get him to visit if things open up.

Taking Thrower off the list. About week ago, I got the feeling it wasn’t happening.

Questioned the hire of Rhoads to begin with, his recruiting is only amplifying it. The way to early analysis says he’s not ready for this.

any unexpected or better unknown to us like Crawford out of the portal a potential add, sad to hear that Thrower and his physicality (I liked the Kiero Small allusion) are not headed for the Hill.

I might cry. LOVE this kid. and his last name.


I have to admit that his recruiting has been bad. Whiffing on 2-3 of the kids that he head-coached in JC was about as telling as it can get.

Yeah, that and I feel like we’ve already been through about 8 linebacker targets this year, and they are steadily saying no.
I’m curious to see down the road, if things don’t change, if Sam will be able to fire a close friend like rhoads, that worries me. It’s way to early to say, but I do think he is the first that will have to go from what he’s shown so far. I know everyone hates the “fire the coach” stuff, but if you can’t recruit you need to go. Hopefully he gets it figured out, but so far, he’s the weak link for sure.

LB does seem to be the weak spot in recruiting lately. But it’s way to early to even think about firing anyone. The guy hasn’t even coached a single game. Don’t forget the fact that Arkansas hasn’t won an SEC game in over two years. Highly talented kids aren’t really begging for a chance to play here compared to other SEC schools. We are recruiting far better than what we should. If Pittman can turn this program back into a respectable one, then recruiting will pick up even more in all areas.


You’re missing the point - if he can’t get kids from the JC that he coached (and these kids aren’t going to the upper echelon of the SEC as you might suggest) then he has a problem recruiting like the Hogs need him to


The schools recruiting against Arkansas had DCs and HCs with much longer relationships than Odom and Pittman.

I think it’s too early to judge the recruiting abilities of the new assistants.

It has something to do with 0-16.

Hogs need a genie in a bottle with unlimited wishes to recruit how we need to turn this around quickly. We need a dose of reality for a minute. Arkansas was one of the worst P5 teams in the entire country the last 2 seasons. Trying naming 3 P5 schools we would have for sure beat last year, heck try finding 1. And LB recruiting isn’t 100% up to Rhodes. Odom plays a big part of that as well. Should we fire him too? I actually though Rhodes did pretty well to salvage the LB group in the last class. It’s still very early for this class. Let the guy coach a game before calling for his head. We need a coach that can develop talent more than anything right now, because legit SEC LBs aren’t coming here anytime soon.

And I only see one LB that Rhodes coached that had an Arkansas offer. He is committed to Maryland. Now wanna guess what state that kid went to high school at? If Maryland was your answer then you would be correct. It’s hard to overcome the chance to play in your home state