Next commit?

Okay, now that we have the first commit, not who most thought about, just who do you think is the next to commit?

I’d guess Battle commits before Easter. He’s #1 on my list of most wanted/best fit.

Battle is the easy answer with him visiting Thursday. I don’t know how this will play out because of the numbers. You figure AB is leaving but who else? This is an extremely fluid situation.


Jordan Wright has committed to LSU really makes me think we get Battle now

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I sense a wholesale change is coming with only Devo (if he comes back), Walsh and TB having guaranteed spots:

Definitely gone: AB and Graham
Likely gone: Makhel and Makhi
Probably gone: Dunning
Probably back: Ford and Pinion


I hope , but we only have one more spot without someone transferring out .

The numbers will workout but it will be interesting to see how it goes down.

I gotta feeling he’s trying to find a way to keep one twin, ship the other and graham out . Or dunning and graham gets shipped

Dunning and Graham seem about right but with Muss anything is possible.

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Depends, I suppose, on how many portal guys he can get. If he can get three, AB, Dunning and Graham? Four – those plus Pinion? One of the twins?

I’m frankly surprised AB hasn’t declared yet. Is he actually considering staying?

Same….really odd no news on it yet. Would be FLOORED if he stayed!

The deadline to enter the draft is the 23rd. Devo has until May 31 to withdraw and maintain eligibility. Suppose AB could do the same thing, although he’s getting lottery grades from just about everybody.

Yeah. I’ve only seen one that had him outside the top 10. I have no idea why he is waiting to declare. Maybe he has a personal date that he’s waiting for.


Maybe too busy organizing his camp. Just kidding.

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