Next coach...................

…I don’t want someone who will be just passing through like Kiffin (always been a gypsy) or Venables (just waiting to replace Snyder at his alma mater). Brohm is waiting for the Louisville job to open up so he can go back home. It should not be long before Petrino wants to or is told to move on. Sumlin failed at A&M where he had better athletes than he will get at Arkansas. Norvell is a possibility but he inherited a good program and did not build it himself. Considering how low they were when he got there, Morris has built something pretty good and headed to being back at SMU. Overall record won’t impress the masses but people that know think he has done a hell of a job at SMU. We got a rebuilding project at Arkansas. Unless a surprise bigtime candidate comes along, he seems to be the best choice to me. Who do you have that’s better?

No one knows what Kiffin or any of the other names you mentioned will do in the future. What the Hogs need now is the best possible Coach available. We need someone big, that is capable of beating the Alabamas of the SEC. Kiffin would be the only one

It has been reported that Snyder wants his son to replace him at K-state, so that might not be an issue. Besides, you can’t use a maybe like that to keep from hiring a good coach.

Do you know something Marty? I could get really excited about Venables (if he is really not just passing through) since defense is our biggest problem, not offense assuming an adequate O-line. If he brings a great OC/recruiter with him, he could be a home run hire.