Next coach should be HDN

His oc should by Bobby petrino and his dc should be gene chizick. I’m sure they all want a head coach job. This is their chance.

I’ll see Danny tomorrow morning. We usually talk football.

No thanks. You think there is drama now? Just get one of those “coaches” as the Arkansas coach and watch the boards and fan base explode.

Need someone to get Boyd and Burks in the wildcat so I’ll take him too.

Yea well I’m worried about revenue not the message boards.

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But when fans don’t show up for games, then you have the same problem as the current situation.

You think fan attendance is the current problem?

No no no on HDN. BP as HC, ok.

BP neees to study under HDN on dealing with ladies.

Yep, they should suck up and hire either HDN or Bobby. I think only unemployed known coaches will want to come fix this mess.

Boyd’s only got two games left in his Razorback career.

Perhaps HDN & BP can teach each other on texting ladies & giving them motorcycle rides without the wives finding out?

The 3 listed above haven’t coached in quite some time now! Look at what messes they left when they were canned!
No way.
Freeze is a stretch as well as I have heard his name mentioned by some folks.