Next challenge for Muss to make Arkansas a blueblood

Dook’s home noncon schedule last season:
Army (K’s alma mater)
The Citadel
SC State
App State

NC neutral:

NC roadies:
Ohio State (Big Ten-ACC Challenge, next game after Gonzaga)

Their schedule for 22-23 is not complete, but they have neutral games with Kansas and Iowa, play Oregon State and two other games in the Phil Knight tournament in Portland, and the Suckeyes come to Durham in the Challenge. Everything else so far in noncon is in Cameron,

And Kentucky is notably not on the upcoming Dook schedule. Squid is playing Sparty, Meechigan, UCLA and Kansas, but not Dook. Kansas is the SEC-BT challenge and it’s in Rupp this year.

I agree that the more Coach Muss elevates the program the more likely we are to play in such marquee non conference games.

But those games likely won’t be in BWA.

We could become a blue blood by anyone’s definition, and never have Duke or North Carolina ever visit our campus.

Okay. You guys convinced me. No need to play elite schools or bring them to BWA. Just win 3 to 4 national championships. That will take care of it. Can’t wait.

I didn’t say we don’t need to play top notch opponents. But they ain’t coming to BWA and we aren’t going to their arena.

I agree with you pj.

Get one in the next 2 years and this will just be another notch in the Muss Buckle.

IS this FUN or what??

Boy we’ve come a long since people thought firing CMA was a bad idea.

There were countless threads like this:

Those that wanted more, knew more was achievable and was sick of mediocrity were castigated as haters and not true fans.

I’m so thankful for Muss and what he’s done.


What about a home and home with Memphis? When was the last time we pulled a hoops recruit out of the Memphis area? Marlon Townes I think? That was a long time ago.

FYI Arkansas is T10 for most trips to final four.

Athlon Bell was the last one from Memphis. And before him, Wade. I think those are the only two.

And Ant was a freshman in 2012-13, so it’s been a decade. Wade was a freshman in 2010-11.

Oh right. Can’t believe I forgot about Bell and Wade. Not as long ago as I thought.

Muss can compete with Penny for the good Memphis prospects.

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We’ll :smile: :sunglasses: need a transfusion for that to occur.

With the prospects that Sir Muss is now bringing in and a full year of his coaching, look for us to have many more “one and done players”. I think that we really need a preseason before an almost totally new team can mesh with Sir Muss’s system, and inserting a really tough opponent too early is not necessary for us to get national recognition (with of course winning it all a few years in a row).

I for one am going to simmer down and see what happens 2022-23.
This year is absolutely crucial to see if we muscle our way into the ELITE.

Get your popcorn ready. Nobody has more talent than this team this year.

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Most of us also share your “homeritis”, Jeremy……. but fans of Kentucky, North Carolina, and Duke are probably saying the same thing. :grin::grin:

Well their wrong this time. Maybe, :grinning: :grinning:

Pigfoot, I agree with you. I watch Calipari (who is a good coach no matter what many believe) bring in Top 5 classes on a yearly basis and they don’t win nattys. As good as Coach K, and Tom Izzo are, I’ve seen them have classes that failed to bring home the “gold.” I like Muss, I believe he is a great coach, but so far we haven’t made it to a FF, let alone a title. If we get bounced this year, will people’s opinion of Muss change? Mike never got us to the second weekend, now Muss has, the question becomes can he get us to the third?

Wonder how many P5 teams would take our record the last couple of years?