Next backers up

I’m sure McClure will get a lot of snaps Saturday.Andrew Parker too. What about Zimos and Yuracheck’s boy?

I am interested to hear about them as well.

Zach Zimos and Jake Yurachek have not been discussed this week. If Bumper Pool and Hayden Henry can’t go or are limited because of their injuries, I expect to see plenty of D’Vone McClure and Grant Morgan, and possibly Deon Edwards and Andrew Parker.

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I would expect to see Zimos and Yurachek on special teams before I’d see them in live scrimmage time of a game. And neither one are on special teams yet. Neither was here in the spring. I do not think they are into the system deep enough yet. Give them another month. I’ve heard good things on both, but they are scout teamers for now.

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Yurachek shows to have played on last weeks participation chart. I assume on special teams.