Next asst. coaching hires

Arkansas: Asked about staff additions, Bret Bielema said Wednesday he’d met with candidates in recent weeks and added, "We’ve got a guy coming in tomorrow. We’ve been affected, there’s a guy that I was heavily interested in that was with a (NFL) team that got beat a week ago, so I couldn’t deal with him until after the playoff loss. Still involved with one guy who is still playing. … I’m not in a hurry to change. We’ll go these next couple weeks filling out and complimenting the rest of the staff.”

Doesn’t appear to be in a rush to make a hire. And probably no real need to do so. Think I read on this site that the staff would have some down time until about the third week of the month. Not sure that i’m right about that, however.

Most likely down time from Football & Recruiting. Interviews only require a limited few hrs of attention because the contract can be negotiated at a later date or by 3rd party.

I have a feeling Mike Montgomery was the target being spoken of (Packer’s) and that Charlie Partridge will be brought in at some capacity also.

Basically what I’m saying is we may have Co-Defensive Coordinators +Defensive Line Coach.

Of the two you mention, which do you propose for the Co-DC and which would come in as D line coach?

Jerry Montgomery, maybe? (Packers Defensive Front Coach) - Charlie Partridge is also a D-line guy - Who do we get for the secondary? I’d love to see us get Kerry Cooks (OU).

FWIW - Kerry Cooks and Jerry Montgomery both played football at Iowa - Cooks was Dbacks coach at Wisconsin '06-'09.


Kerry Cooks $450,000, (extended through 2018)

Paul Rhoades was making $350,000 last season so Arkansas will need to bump it’s payroll a bit.

Not necessarily. Rhoads will be bumped to coordinator pay. If the new guy comes in around $350K, it won’t change the budget. Having said that, it might take a bit of a raise to pry Montgomery loose if he’s the one. Dunno what he was making in Green Bay, but his OU salary in 2014 was $380,000.


Thank You Chuck

Thank You Chuck

Sorry, Daytona (I’ve got some character flaws) - So, who do we get to coach the D-backs? Of course, I would love to see Kerry Cooks (pay the man!) he recruits Texas well. Who else is out there?

If we got Montgomery, does he recruit well? (From his bio, he either recruits well, develops well, or both!) Where is his recruiting area?

If we get Partridge, we know he opens that pipeline to Florida…

Insiders: throw us a bone! Something to speculate on, at least :lol:

BB has said he’s going to be interviewing some NFL guys other than Montgomery. Apparently somebody from the Steelers and someone who is coaching in the Supe tonight.

I looked at the Steelers’ staff. No guess who he might be targeting, but I did see a familiar face. John Mitchell was on Lou Holtz’ defensive staff from 1977-82 at UA, which coincides with my time there. He’s been with the Steelers since 1994 (in the NFL since '91) and is currently the AHC/DLine coach.

If you surmise they want a current D-line coach to replace Segrest, the DL coaches in the Supe are Bryan Cox with the Falcons (the ex-linebacker) and Brendan Daly with the Patriots.

I do not know how the salaries stack up between NFL vs College at similar positions and responsibilities. Saw that Clemson bumped the DC up to $1.7M, hard to get my head around some of these numbers. I guess the recruiting background and reputation is the main thing when dealing with NFL guys if they don’t have a track record in recruiting. For sure CBB better get somebody that can recruit Texas. My take for what its worth, nothing.