Next 5 SEC games are very winnable

@ Vandy
Ole Miss
Miss State

If we can shrug off the past week, we should be favored to win the next 5 SEC games. All 5 are against Tier 2 or 3 teams and 4 of them are at home plus the away game is perhaps against the worst team in the conference,

This will be put us at 16-4 or 15-5 depending on the result of the Big 12 challenge game at Stillwater. This should put us in Lunardi’s NCAA bracket.

Very doable and highly probable.

Need to go 4-1 at worst

I think we need to win all 5.

Auburn should be the toughest, but we should know that they will shoot more 3’s than any team we’ve faced. If we can’t guard the 3 knowing it’s coming, we are in major trouble.

We better improve drastically or Auburn and Msu will take us down, Auburn totally different team with Cooper running the show

I would imagine that all of those teams and their fan bases are thinking that the game against Arkansas is winnable as well.

Alabama and LSU may finish 1-2 in the standings. Everyone likes Tennessee’s ability to defend, but Alabama and LSU can flat out score.

TN is finding scoring and still getting better, Barnes will have them peaking at the right time. MSU with their new star Iverson Molinar will likely be playing better than us. I don’t know if Snoop Dog Jalen can guard that quickness if the refs are calling hand checking. Aubbie is much improved this time around the others are dregs. 5-0 is doable if we find an oncourt leader who can motivate his teammate colleagues. Still waiting on Moody to do that.

If we don’t play defense better, I predict 2-3.

Don’t think we beat Auburn or MissState with our lack of defense. The other games are toss ups in my opinion. Also keep in mind that there is little home court advantage during the pandemic so playing in the Bud does not help much.

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