Next 5 game predictions

We have 5 games left and need to win at least 4. What’s your thoughts.
Ole Miss. win (home)
Texas A&M. win (home)
Auburn. win (road)
Florida. Win (road)
Georgia. Win (home)
Ole Miss we win by 20 and score 90

I think we’ll lose at least one, most likely Florida. I don’t know if we’re better off winning at UF & losing to someone else, or better off beating all those others but losing on the road at UF. It’d be sweet to win out, but I’m just not that optimistic.

Kennedy is a pretty good coach, and gracious knows we’ve badly blown some winnable home games this season. I said a while ago that I didn’t think the Hogs would make the NCAAT. I think that was after the blowout loss to Ok. State.

If we can build on our recent road success by beating Ole Miss at home, then I’ll be closer to revising my outlook. Again, this game makes me nervous. Seems like a trap game to me. One where we play with low energy, get behind early, and can’t catch up.

Our inconsistency prevents me from prediction. but if any one has watched OM play, should be concerned. they have two big men that can score down low. and several guards that can drive and shoot. They play tight defense and press some. AR better watch out. This is a game that can bring the MO & VAN taste back in our mouth. If we play as we did SC, we should take them down.

Does Ole Miss have good point guard play? If so, we will likely have trouble.

SCar did not have good PG play, which I think plays right into our hands.

Burnette is a quality PG. He’s good on assists and gets to the line a lot, where he shoots 85%. His percentages from the field aren’t great, however, and he probably coughs up the ball more than Kennedy would like. He’s the type of athletic point that has given us fits over the years.

Ole Miss have some really strong parts in addition to Burnett. Saiz is outstanding in the middle. Neal, son of Ga Tech’s Noodles Neal, is a dangerous perimeter shooter. Davis is a big guard that can score. If we have a letdown, they will punish us.

i just want us to win the games we should win, the Florida game would just be icing on the cake, we will have our hands full as the other teams are not going to be a pushover. Very anxious to see how we play tomorrow it seems like maybe we turned a corner against SC, once we settled in we played very well with several players stepping up to the challenge. WPS

Now that Florida has lost Egbunu at Center I give us a punchers chance in gainesville.