NEWSFLASH: Goodman doesn't think much of CMA's stability

I actually think he has a point.

This is an inside article, so I won’t paste the text, but he ranks CMA 12th out of 14 in SEC coach’s stability. Only Kim Anderson and Johnny Jones with less stability. I tend to agree. If UA doesn’t make the tourney this year his seat will have to be warm. I don’t think that is a controversial take.

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Old news, the program has turned a corner. Recruiting has improved, social media work has improved… now, we just need more wins. I don’t even think he has to make the NCAA tournament this year, but I think they will. Remember, he just signed a new contract in January. … basketball

Signed in January of 2015, but he’s not going anywhere, now the seat will warm up a lot should we go 16-16 again.

I assume the “NEWSFLASH” is intended to be sarcastic. Goodman hasn’t thought much of CMA since he left MO. He’s been critical of CMA every step of the way.

12th out of 14 is an overreach. Don’t agree at all. Not what other SEC analysts say. Tony Delk puts Mike in top three. If you have been following Goodman, you should not be surprised at all with what he said.

I don’t think it is a ranking of coaching ability, but rather the temperature of his seat.

Correct. He doesn’t have much, if anything, nice to say about CMA

Actually I was quite impressed with CMA’s coaching ability last season. The main ingredient missing was 1 or 2 talented players. I feel we have them now. And I agree Mike is here to stay for awhile especially since his requiting has improved. Sooie!

The next time Jeff says something good about Coach Anderson will also be the first time.

It’s sad really.

Coach Anderson does have to win, that much is true.

But lower ranked players than Garland and Gafford get major props from Goodman when programs sign them.

When Arkansas does, he fails to mention it.

That’s a slight to the kids most of all.

I 100% agree. I was fine with his coaching last year. Anyone who knows me from the old board knows that I was very critical of Mike last year. And it had nothing to do with the season, but the offseason. I actually think he had one of his best coaching seasons yet last year. That offseason on the other hand was unacceptable. On the flip side, could this offseason have been any better? He deserves mad respect for both this offseason and the stellar recruiting in the mean time. He needs to win this year. Need to easily make the tournament, IMO, to meet expectations. He needs to compete for a championship. However, I can’t say enough about how he has responded to the adversity of last offseason (no use crying over spilt milk). That in and of itself has solidified his seat for at least a few more years in my mind. Ultimately it has to be done on the court but things seem to be rolling forward with the program.

This is true. I searched his and Borzello’s Twitter feed the past weekend with the good news. Nothing.

There has to be something in the past between Goodman and CMA

I 2nd this post.

With the current recruiting class, if this team is as good as it looks like it could be, this list will be very different after the season…even from a tool like Goodman who can’t stop grinding an ax.

Any idea where this bias originated and how it grew? It’s pretty obvious at this point.

It began at Missouri, but I am not sure of the specific incident.

It has grown since the defections of Rotnei Clarke and Hunter Mickelson and how he handled those

I think Rotnei and Hunter had a hand in that. Instead of talking to Dudley Dawson and Arkansas press, those two talked to Goodman first about their intention to transfer. I agree about Goodman’s dislike of Mike and how he handled the defections, but why would those two seek out Goodman? I lost respect for both Rotnei and Hunter and their families after that. Those two acted like they had an ax to grind as well.

What does the last part mean?

I think you just did the best to sum up my feelings about MA and last year as well. Well said.

It’s as though Goodman is actively trying to undermine MA’s recruiting. Surely he would not do that.

I get the feeling that if Mike Anderson got fired, Jeff Goodman would celebrate privately. Or maybe publicly. It’s that obvious. He sounds like a political pundit talking about someone from the other party. All negative, all the time.