News from the FBI investigation

OK State is the 1st team to go down…

Well somebody’s got to be first I guess.

Oklahoma State MBB got hit with a post season ban, 3 years of probation, reduced recruiting visits, reduction of scholarships, $10,000 fine, and (former) assistant coach Lamont Evans got hit with a 10 year show cause penalty.

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The NCAA picked the smallest fish to make an example out of. Call me when they punish LSU, Auburn, or Kansas.

Okie Lite won’t appeal. Kansas will. But if OSU got a one year ban for not very much, Billy Self should be very afraid. And Jeff Long’s contract is about to be extended for the length of the probation. There will be a hearing by the Committee on Infractions some time this summer unless the KU case gets moved into the independent arbitration track.

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Without doing a lot of research, how do we think LSU’s case stacks up against OSU? Are they in more jeopardy or less?

FBI has Will Wade on tape with the strong ass offer and other incriminating statements. OSU has the assistant that took the money and is in prison, but I don’t think there was a direct link to the HC. So I’d be worried if I were the LSU AD.

They did not hand out any punishment to the OSU coach, did they?

I still think the problem in punishing Wade is there is evidence that he made the offer but no evidence of actually paying,

We may soon find out who are members of the NCAA “golden child” elites & therefore exempt from any legitimate scrutiny & penalties.

Okie Lite got a year for one Level I violation (I have learned they are appealing). Kansas faces five Level I charges. They’re gonna get hit hard. Maybe not hard enough to satisfy some people but they’re going to get hit.

It just doesn’t seem right for the current OSU coach Mike Boynton to get punished for what previous coach Brad Underwood and his staff did. Seems unfair.

That’s how the NCAA works. School gets punished even if they got rid of the bad apples. Or if the bad apples went to Illinois. Underwood could get a show-cause order for what he did in Stillwater. I’m sure they’re pinning most of this on Lamont Evans, but somebody had to hire Evans.

I don’t think the NCAA is going to come back now and do anything to Underwood on a show cause. The sanctions usually come down on a given case all in one fell swoop.

I think Auburn, Arizona and Kansas are in trouble, based on what happened to OSU.

I am not as sure about LSU, but it’s hard to believe that there won’t be some kind of pronouncement about the “strong ass offer” stuff.

Meanwhile… Duke keeps hoping Zion Williamson never has to tell the truth under oath.

Doesn’t that sound strange! Duke hopes Zion doesn’t have to tell the truth under oath! He’s hiding something or he would be glad to testify.

LSU’s Athletic Directors stepson is married to Mark Emmert, President of the NCAA. This situation may be slow walked.

You sure about that?

Rumors are going to be flying on that one.:grin: