News flash

Gabe made 2 free throws.

I’ll never understand the mocking.

He is a not a good offensive player, but he plays hard for your supposed school.

Dudley it blows my mind the way the young man make so many bone head plays on both ends of the floor! He continues to try to take charges and gets called for blocks when he has a chance to block a shot or just play solid defense.
he goes after the ball with 1 hand most of the time. He’s a turnover waiting to happen and a black hole on offense.

Lots of truth in that

But just say that and don’t mock him.

How can we expect to win playing Gabe when they don’t even have to guard him? When you have 2 guys on the floor that they dare to shoot, just seems like other 3 guys are going to be well guarded.

Sure he does some good stuff, no doubt but he was an afterthought signee.

I wasn’t meaning to mock him! If that’s the way it appears it wasn’t meant that way.

Yex he was a late signee when somebody bolted

He had a very good offensive game in prep school, but it has not translated to college and he has no confidence right now offensively

Who was his main recruiter?

It was late, but Anderson and Watkins both went to see him.

We all know he was a late addition because of a transfer, not somebody they were after early.

Nobody has ever held him up as a super prospect

Yet in his 2nd year he is a starter, why is that?

Role player at best.