News about the enemy πŸ˜‰

Aggies QB Haynes King underwent surgery on a fractured ankle and will be out until mid-October.

LSU running back John Emery is out for the year because of the academic eligibility, according to Orgeron.

Both of those are major losses for their team.

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The A&M replacement QB led them on the winning drive at Denver but completed less than 50% of his passes (at 4.8 yards per attempt which is terrible).

He’ll be much better by the time they face us, but I’m not sure QB was going to be what makes or breaks aTm.

A&M will still be quite formidable. That second QB isn’t bad. He just got thrown in unexpectedly to the game. Not a good indicator of how he’ll play in two weeks. I like our chances, but I don’t think Calzado (sp?) is the kind of drop off one would like to see when an opponent loses their top QB

Their D is stout.

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