Newish faces and a couple of good things

Eric Thomas Jr., a true freshman, was recruited as a LB with good size. Yesterday’s all hands on deck game saw him playing as a 3-4 DE on passing downs,where he looked small for a down linemen. He also looked pretty quick , but I’m not sure he would be a guy who plays with his hand(or in some cases yesterday both hands) on the ground much in the future. I think he had played some this year on special teams.

I am not sure whether Jashuad Stewart had played any this year before the LSU game. He was kind of in the same boat as Thomas, another true freshman pass rusher being asked to play before he’s really physically ready. It’s way too early to try to make any judgments on whether either one of those guys can eventually be a big contributor. At least each took some small steps toward getting past the “game is a blur” stage.

Marcus Miller had not played much this year after getting hurt last year as a true freshman. He was active against the run and looks like he’s got the size and athletic ability to be a good run-stopping DL who occupies blockers in the years ahead. I could not tell much about how Taurean Carter was doing, but I think he got in on a couple of tackles.

I thought Bauer really punted well yesterday.

I watched Miller closely yesterday and was impressed. I was surprised he didn’t play more. We were more effective against the run when he was in the game.

After another year of strength and conditioning, he should be a solid d lineman. Yesterday’s game clearly showed that you can’t have too many big strong lineman. Even though I am still mad about the refs stealing the game, CSP looks like he will be a consistent winner. Z

Carter played alright at times, but he tires quickly. He asks to come out quickly in most games. I give him credit for not doing that yesterday but his motor slowed.

I’ll have to go back and watch. I noticed on several replays that Miller was doing nothing. Just stood up and played handsy with the offensive lineman. I was surprised someone posted he had 6 tackles. I’ll go back and look more.

You must have been watching a different Miller.

I didn’t realize he was credited with 6 tackes, but not surprised.

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Went back and watched the first half all his plays. I think he got tired which is understandable but he hustled and made some plays. Not very explosive but he did pursue the ball except for a couple plays he’s a strong kid.

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Thanks for checking. The experience will help him.

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Big and strong for sure. He’s one that would probably be a good olineman. But he’s a freshman and hopefully he will develop into a good lineman. We need more with his size.

Looks to me like both Thomas and Stewart should be playing LB

we were sitting in the north end zone, a very nice place to watch line play. MIller had 3 tackles in about a 6 play sequence, I think in the 2nd Q. we were discussing how he was really taking advantage of the chance to play, and appeared to belong on the field.

didnt see him much in 2nd half, no idea why. maybe tired? injured? maybe the coaches saw things that my novice eye didn’t?

either way, I was very pleased with both the Warren Lumberjack boys.


Same thoughts from me, holdenhogfield.

I’m anxious to see if he gets more time this week after coaches review the film.

Obviously, they know more than me about who needs to be in the field.

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