Newcomers that played...

Per the participation chart

True freshmen who did play:

OL Ty Clary
TB Chase Hayden
WR Jarrod Barnes
WR Devion Warren
CB Kamren Curl
CB Chevin Calloway
LB Hayden Henry
LB Kyrie Fisher

Other newcomers/redshirt freshmen that played

QB Cole Kelly
TE Jeremy Patton
WR Jordan Jones
WR Jonathan Nance
LB Grant Morgan
LB Gabe Richardson
LB Dee Walker
DE Briston Guidry
WR Brandon Martin
CB Britto Tutt
DE Michael Taylor
NG Dylan Hays
DL Jonathan Marshall
RB David WIlliams
S Deon Edwards
S Micahh Smith

Good game to start the season and get all these guys some exposure as some of these will see a great more playing time as season progresses. It seems with as many newcomers that contributed to the game that we may finally be seeing some depth with Sec speed. WPS

I really thought I saw Koilan Jackson out there, too.