New York Times buys The Athletic

Damn, now I have to cancel my subscription


Me too! Forget the good work that has been done by them now! They will be a corrupt now!


I’m thinking my $1 a month subscription may be over. Thankfully it was a year deal.


NYT is one of the great newspapers. Try reading it instead of parroting what others say about it — others who don’t know anything about it either.


That’s one person’s opinion

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They’ve got a lot more subscribers than one. LOL.

But whatever. I think we should all be focusing on the dismantling via portal of our football team. It’s happening right before our eyes.

Why did you feel the need to respond?

Huh? Read what I said. Why do you feel the need to respond? Did I hurt your feelings with my “world view?”

Ok. Back to our defensive team being bad next season….

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Mostly, I find you slightly amusing.
Our football team, OTOH, takes up too much of my time- by choice.

yeah, but the only opinion I’ve heard is from one :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, you are right. Back to wondering if we have a team next year

I haven’t read any papers from New York in years and won’t. That’s my personal choice.


Responses are a reminder why I love forums for the news but hate them for the posters, there are some dicks around here. Opinions are so easy on line when you aren’t sitting across from someone drinking a cold beer discussing topics


I don’t drink beer but I would enjoy sitting down and having lunch anytime around the Searcy to Little Rock area with any big fan.

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I see you don’t subscribe to the NYT either.

First instinct was to “lol” but then I’m like “why attack my post?” Which lead me back to my first post, but then I thought maybe it’s sarcasm without rancor, and at that point I’m confused and just responding with WPS?

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I have read it, I take a shower afterwards. :joy:

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I guess you don’t shower very often!

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I have a subscription to both.

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Whether or not you like the NYT doesn’t factor into if it’s a good paper or not.
I don’t like the Wallstreet Journal but it’s a damn good paper nonetheless.