New Unis


New Unis

Love the throwback look!


I was never thrilled about the Hog jumping through the A logo (almost as bad as Popcorn Hog). I know Nolan likes it and it brings back good memories but it’s still ugly. So I’m very unimpressed with the new unis.

Looks kind of plain to me. but as long as the kids like them

That logo (Hog jumping through the A) is possibly my favorite other than the classic running hog.



I love it too!! I’m old school, but anyway…


That logo brings back great memories. Now let’s win in em!

I would actually go 1 step further. If we can’t have Slobber Hog at half court in The Bud, we should have that logo.

It is iconic.


I wish you would go back to having me on ignore!!

I do have you on ignore. But Muss sent out the pictures of the unis on Instagram so I knew what you were posting about without reading it.

Love it.

I like them and way better than what we are currently wearing with the strange stripes on the sides

That logo was in the rear window of my 1983 Grand Prix until it got so faded I had to retire it. :slight_smile: Great memories.

I get absolutely nothing out of it but if you are a big fan of this logo I found this site recently and have a framed version of it on the way to my house as I type. Check it out. Eighties Arkansas Razorback Art Mixed Media by Row One Brand - Fine Art America

I actually prefer the current version of the logo but I think the one on the website I linked is truer to the original logo IIRC. I am almost 59 so my memory is not what it once was but that is my recollection.

Go Hogs! Beat Bama!!


Never understood people commenting on the unis…could care less. Only time I get peeved is when the School Colors are not worn, but this evidently motivates the players or at least is the idea behind it.

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