New uni's

Not sure what to think just yet, but look similar to Bamas last year from what I can tell.

Daryl Macon had that same reaction in a comment on Daniel Gafford’s Instagram post.

can you post a pic of them I haven’t seen them yet

Front: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … lgarland3_”></LINK_TEXT>

Back: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … big.dandan”></LINK_TEXT>

sheesh, we going back to the 1970s with the length of the shorts?

I think you forgot just how short 70’s shorts were Harley. I kind of like those. Tweeked them just a little from last year’s unis.

I think they have a few inches to go.

Yep that’s the shorts I wore in da 70’s.

Mr. Brewer have you no decency? Cover those legs man!

Dull and uninteresting…who put their approval on that?

As usual, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Obviously the coaches and players approved.