New UA COVID-19 numbers

439 new cases over the Labor Day weekend, including 282 positive tests and 157 self reported. Currently 923 active cases (meaning in isolation) on campus, of which 912 are students, The positivity rate of students and staff tested on campus is 12.6%. This figure includes those tested by the athletic department but they sure aren’t going to break those down for us.

I sure hope they are in isolation and are taking it seriously. For my part, I am going to continue to steer clear of crowds, restaurants, and anywhere that I could possibly get infected here in Fayetteville.

The SEC certainly appears to have done the right thing by waiting to start until 9/26, given that several other SEC teams are having big “back to school” surges in cases.

In another week or two I think we’ll see a peak in active cases at UA, and at most other schools, as the virus runs through the majority of the socially active resident students. It will also help as the inevitable stories start making the rounds about the few students who get really sick, and more of the uninfected start showing a little more restraint in their leisure time. That won’t end the cases among the students, if for no other reason than love(or at least lust) will still cause young folks to expose themselves to the virus-among other things. But I think things will start to calm down a bit by the first of October.

Hopefully the new cases numbers will level off by the end of the week, but I fully expect that there will be fairly large percentage of the resident students classified as “active” cases at the end of the month.

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