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I didn’t had the sound muted.

But, I’m a firm believer in any style and/or defense will work if you have the right players, they execute properly, and they are all buying in to what you are doing. Texas Tech has honestly been overachieving this year, and I think Beard’s defenses is a big reason for that, they’ll still finish above .500 in Big 12 play IMO, although I’m hoping they continue to slump at least until after we play them on Saturday :smiley:

Enjoy the board. The trolls are out on game day in full force.
The hogs are getting a little help tonight let’s hope we get a win tomorrow to loin the bunch at 2-4 in league play.
TT is primed for another whipping Saturday. It only takes a win for our young hogs to get rolling.
CMA has my support but he needs a good year next season. This year isn’t a total loss yet. We’ve had several 1-3 starts to league play but this 1-4 start is in a much tougher SEC!

Trolls are always out on gameday, unless we’re winning. Thanks and hope we start a streak tomorrow.

Welcome to the WHS boards. We try to keep it civil.

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Will do

Welcome to. the board. One of the benefits of this board is the historic insider knowledge that Clay and Dudley bring from their years close to the coaches and players. Plus the integrity of all of Clay’s staff in what is reported.

I live out of state so this is my one stop place for Hog news.

You’ll be glad you signed up.