New to board

Checking it out. Love what Richard and Dudley bring.

Hoops fan, been an MA fan and still pulling for him to get it done.

Prob won’t post too much and will refrain from confrontation.


Welcome, and good luck with the highlighted portion.

Man, I was trying to quote you and actually reported you. Not a good start lol. Thanks though.

No issues, isn’t the first time I’ve been reported

We have a pretty good board, but there are times when it gets a little out of control. Mostly a good group of people. Better than some of the other boards

Bake is a troublemaker. lol

Welcome Chris.

It’s alright we’ve been trying to get rid of baked for years now :wink: j/k. But, welcome to the board. We’re in the same boat as you, hoping things will turn around. I think tomorrow’s game will tell us a lot, I hope to see some fight from them, Mizzou is a very winnable game. I’m also watching the Texas Tech game right now, they aren’t looking invincible to me, looks like they are going to lose their 3rd straight game, so hoping for a good week of hoops for the hogs.

Told you i’d get over here brother and thanks.

Haha. I’ve posted elsewhere that i actually like our matchup vs. Tech. As long as the careless turnovers end i think we will be fine. No doubt our young ego’s are aching right now and hopefully tomorrow it gets fixed.

I just watched USCe take out AUB. I saw USCe is 10-8 and 5-1 in the SEC, guess we can’t tell what will happen in SEC play :wink:

Agreed. It’s a bloodbath whether or not folks feel like it’s not very good top to bottom. I gotta admit, i am thrilled that i’ve posted about Hoops and not seen one Fire Mike post yet. I’m sure there will be some but seems like this is a good place that folks can actually debate without making it personal.

Don’t read anymore threads

Hey Blu, did you just here what the announcer said about TT and their defense first approach wouldn’t be good for them in B12 play.

Meh, not gonna hurt my feelings. My opinion is Mike gets next year and needs to do something with it. Anyhoo, glad to be here and thanks for the welcome.

Did you used to post on Hogville? I’ve seen your screen name before.

There is definitely some Anderson non-enthusiasts on here

Long while back. Banned from there but never posted under my real name until now.

Posted one time on there and got banned, and I really didn’t think I said anything wrong. Mean maybe, but not wrong.

Again welcome to the board.

Oh just hang around, a few guys in that crowd was out and about earlier today.

Although I will say, compared to every other board, this board has some of the most reasonable and informed fans. I can honestly say I enjoy talking Hog hoops with the vast majority of the guys on here. Baked is one of them, me and him have had numerous good basketball conversations in PM. The good posters on here far outweigh the bad, which I can’t say for other sites cough hogville which is probably the worst place you can go if you actually want to have a civil basketball conversation.

I’m a long time Rivals member, still there. That’s what i’m looking for right now is healthy debate without labels. Lot’s of respect for Richard and Dudley, kind of gotten to know Richard a little bit but never met in person. I’m okay with the opinion that MA needs to go but not some of the rhetoric that comes with it.

Love a board that’s dedicated just to hoops and glad to be here.

Welcome aboard Chris. Non confrontational but your first chat with BakedHog. Follow the path.
I assume you don’t have a stage name or? Be careful these guys are like the FBI, CIA over here.

Ha. Thanks- no stage name. This is my real name.