New Thread, Where did you play?

So that it will get read I’ve made a new thread. So what’s this so called meeting due to the lack of effort?

Was this made up or one of us stirring up trouble? The Team is bad enough but if we’re just not trying like a hang-over from CBB, OR we are not trying that hard because Chad has the kids going 110 MPH and they just don’t like his system they are just keeping it in low gear? Now if that has any truth or partial truth then I would be hitting the roof.

Where did yiu guys plat FB, BB , or baseball? I can tell you where I played and it was Ft Smith Northside. 1969, 1970, 1971.
My coaches were Gayle Kaundart in Basketball. Anybody play or know that man? These coaches about killed me. I was good but had a nack for getting hurt. A current Dr says to that’s the reason I’m all banged up today. LOL
FB was Bill Stancil & Joe Presely. Man you would get you butt kicked for a missed assignment. Almer Lee, Jerry Jennings. Read this story and that’s what I went through. In my mind I just can’r imagine not going 110%. We were good. Usually the best in the State. Doug Lowery, Lo, Lo, LOL. We are still friends today.

ANYWAY what about today? FB and BB. Are we all in? … ing-season Group just ahead of me.

My group State champs in FB in 1971 and Basketball 1971 (Class before my Sr year in FB. So 1971 BB & FB State champs.) Yes I played & had a FB Scholly to Ark Tech. BB also.They were better back then…

I didn’t play (because I am a female :lol: ) but my Dad did. He graduated in 1968 from Southside and played football (a great tailback and linebacker - I think) and played basketball. He played against Almer Lee in the championship game where NHS won in the last seconds of the game. My dad then went on to play basketball as a walk-on at UofA for a year instead of taking a scholarship to for football to a college up north.

Played center, guard, & linebacker @ Norphlet High School graduating in 1969. In 1966, we were undefeated, number one ranked in Class “B” which would be 2A now, Frank Broyles spoke at our post season football banquet and tried to sign two of our players. We had a really good and fast tailback who Frank wanted as a defensive back, but his grades were pathetic. He did sign one of our defensive linemen, James Harris, who was huge for that time (245 pounds) but he dropped out. He was not used to players just as big and a whole lot meaner than he was. I started at center and linebacker on that team as a sophomore. One of Frank’s assistants, I think it was Harold Horton, came to one of our preseason practices in 1966, said we had the most team speed he had seen in Arkansas, and he had just gone to watch all of the Little Rock and Pine Bluff teams practice before us. Our offensive line averaged 210 pounds despite the center (me) weighing 160. We just had a perfect storm of players in the three classes and it never happened again @ Norphlet and they have now been consolidated with Smackover.

Cool. Standing room only in that game. The break out period in time for Southside High School. Hamilton (SP?) was good. FB for Southside took a few years before they started getting good.

I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

It carried on for 3 more years.
Basketball 1970 State champs, 71 FB State champs. And Boothead a couple of years behind he. So as you say 1966 to 1974 Northside was great.

I was called Tucker-Duck…LOL :lol:
My sister Carolyn was a 1969 grad.

I’m female and I didn’t play team sports. I did compete however, showing horses until I was in my mid-20s. Then I began showing dogs. I’ve been actively involved in dog shows for 40+ years. After all that time (and quite a few champions) I now have a dog in training for field trials. I don’t have the facilities, the equipment, or the skill to do that part of the training and competition. I have only recently given up showing my own dogs as I can no longer do them justice in running around the ring.

Blytheville High School football 1973,74,75. Linebacker and fullback under coach Larry Wright . Teammate of Bruce Hay and Ozzie Riley

Junior high football in Arkadelphia, varsity track (I was already covering the football games instead of playing in them by sophomore year). Helped get the word out about future Hog Trent Bryant in his senior year at AHS. Then in my late 40s got into serious age group running, including some age group and overall awards and qualifying for the Boston Marathon.


Sorry modo . . . couldn’t resist. He may well have meant it, but college recruiters are very, very adept at saying things that kids (and their HS coaches) desperately want to hear. Just gave me a chuckle when I read that. Made me think back to “compliments” coaches gave me (not that I got many) back in the day that made me feel so good at the time, but - looking back on it now - were just motivators and not really true. But I sure bought them at the time!

And I’m not disrespecting your team. May have been that quick - how would I know?

As for me, I played in El Paso, because that’s where I grew up. Not much good football there back then, but because of the size of the school, we were 4A (largest classification in Texas at that time). That meant that whoever advanced from EP was fed to Odessa Permian, Midland Lee, Lubbock Monterey or Amarillo Tascossa. Football season for El Paso always ended at that point.

I was a center and conventional place-kicker (soccer style, the norm today, was a brand new novelty then - very, very few - especially in HS). Claim to fame was making a 51 yarder, considered pretty good back then.

Played FB & B.B. for Ozark, 75, 76, 77. Very 1st 2 sport all stater for OHS. Class 1A then, now 4A. State runner up in basketball. Lost by 3 pts.
FB-WR & Safety & Punter/Kicker. Claim to fame kicked winning FG in OT in the rain.
BB-guard averaged 16 pts a game, Claim to fame made 60 ft shot at end of 3rd qtr, nothing but net in state semis.
Had a choice between FB or BB for 77 HS all-star game. Chose FB & played with & against some notable future Hogs.
I partied my way out of the UCA - FB scholly I got, lol.
I was a pretty good baseball player to but our HS didn’t have it then.

Newport 1978-81.

Football - WR, Power I blocker for Billy Warren and safety for head coach Bill Keedy

Basketball point guard for Bill Osier - had a front line of 6-6 Charles Balentine (NBA draft pick), 6-4 Theo Young (NFL player) and 6-7 Eric Brandon, who played college basketball as well. We almost added a transfer named Karl Malone when we juniors. I hear he went on to do okay).

Pole Vaulted and ran relays

Summer Baseball career derailed by Tractor Driving for my dad

I Had scholarships offers from Harding (basketball and football), Ouachita Baptist (football) and Henderson State (football) and walk on opportunities for basketball and football at Arkansas State, but chose to come to Arkansas when Eddie Sutton called me. Much to my chagrin, it was not to play point guard, but to be a manager on full scholarship if I could get Charles Balentine to sign with Arkansas after they had been slow-playing him while trying to land Keith Lee.

I did and so Michael Jordan lost a game in Pine Bluff.

Probably would have ended up at Arkansas State if Coach Sutton hand not have called me as I won the Tex Plunkett Journalism award and would that took care of just about everything educationally back then.

Fayetteville High 1978-1979
Wide receiver.
Tore up my knee playing baseball in 1975. It took me a couple of years rehab to feel like I could play sports again.
Had it operated on again after my senior year.

Played basketball at Altheimer, a Class B powerhouse, was the point guard for my team…we made it to the state semi-finals my junior and senior year. Was all-county, all-district and honorable mention all-state. Played high school baseball at Altheimer and Connie Mack baseball at Pine Bluff. Graduated in 1966.

I used to scrimmage against one of the best basketball players the state ever produced, Jackie Ridgell, who led his Altheimer team to the state championship at the black school. He was the “red baron”. He went to the University of California and put up 35 points against Lew Alcindor’s UCLA Bruins one night. He was only 6-5 but jumped like a gazelle and could shoot from outside. What a talent. He played for the Cleveland Cavs. I wonder sometimes what he could have done had he been a Razorback. He made me realize I had no business trying to play college basketball.

Magnolia from 89’-92’.

FB- starting strong safety and back up QB

Baseball - starting 2nd base all three years. All conference. Played for Coach Davis Sisson.

Southern Arkansas University 92’-97’
Baseball - played outfield. Average player in college. Played for Coach Steve Goodheart.

Played competitive men’s slow pitch softball until I was 40.

And Charlie Partlow?

Little Rock Central High. 73 (WR) and 74 (FS – until I tore up a knee).

We seniors thought we were pretty good with only one loss (to Parkview) and one tie in 74, but we knew the junior class was something special. They proved us right the next year–Houston Nutt, Robert Farrell, Emmanuel Tolbert, Tony Dunnick, Danny Robinson et al went undefeated en route to a state championship in 75.

I played in the HS all-star game with Trent. I think the QB for Arkadelphia played as well. Trent was a tailback then & played In the secondary for the Hogs.

My stellar career at Dollarway Junior High in 65 was sidetracked by my lack of size & speed. I held down the right end of the bench like a pro.

I played football (RT/DT) one year and basketball (C/PF) two years before my hometown newspaper asked if I wanted to write about the teams and make $25 per article. I wrote as many as eight articles per week in high school, which helped with my college expenses, and haven’t looked back.