New Technical Issue

I am suddenly unable to open the forums page in Safari (my primary browser on the IPad.). I get a message stating “Safari is unable to open this page because too many redirects have occurred.” Am I alone with this new problem? It worked fine for me earlier this morning.

Happened to me also. Had to clear browser cache again, after doing so just a week ago.

Same for me using firefox. However, no problem using microsoft’s Edge browser in Windows 10.

Happened to me this afternoon, using Google Chrome.

Clear your cookies, relaunch your browser and that should fix the problem.

Why do we keep having to do this type of stuff every week it seems to access these boards. Very disappointing and discouraging. Is scout back to manning the technical dept.

Why is this the only site that I have to do this on??? Same as old scout board. Did we bring their programmers here too?

Never happens on any other site. Its getting to be a pain

Razorwill 2 minds think alike

Yeaaaah. Sorry all. Here it is in a nutshell… Our forums and our content side are two completely separate systems. We’re trying to make the experience of going from the forums to the content side and vice versa as seamless as possible by making sure everyone is logged in on both sides of the fence with just one login.

Unfortunately with this recent update, some users may need to remove their cookies and log in again. We’re really sorry about that and appreciate you hanging with us during these growing pains.

I logged out, cleared my cookies, and relaunched Safari. The end result is that none of the Wholehog Sports pages were available in Safari (“website unavailable”). I switched to Chrome, logged in and things work fine in Chrome.

Looks like there is still work to be done.

Hmmm. Seems ok in my Safari. What version of Safari?

Version 9.3.4 - I’m going to try rebooting my IPad next

Rebooted - still no joy in Safari