New Super League thread to address one question

Most seem to agree that more merging will happen, and we will end up with Super Leagues.

If so, will the big boys continue to play Sun Belt type schools in non-conference games? Im referring to football, but it’s fair to ask for other sports as well.

I don’t think we can answer that question yet. I think it’s entirely possible that the Power Five, or Power Four, will separate from the rest of FBS. Will that be a total separation, where we never play a ULM or, even more so, a Missouri State? Too soon to say. Conferences are already discouraging rent-a-wins, but a total end to them?

It’s a good question.

If I’m a D1, non-Power 5 school that doesn’t have any pathways into the power 5–and possibly no way into the 12-team playoff in the age of super leagues—I’m listening to all of this and saying, “what the hell are we even playing for?”

The announcement of the 12-team playoff gave them at least a way into the discussion, but I think the super leagues squashes that once again.

I can’t help but think there will eventually be lawsuits from those D1 teams.

There will likely be some guarantee games still in the mix, but they might be higher caliber.

Rice, Texas, Georgia Southern and UAPB this season.

Arkansas and BYU in 2022 and 2023

Arkansas and Notre Dame in 2025 and 2028

Arkansas and Arkansas State and Memphis in 2025

Arkansas and Oklahoma State are set to play in 2024, 2027, 2032 and 2033

Arkansas and Utah in 2029

Here are some others that are currently scheduled

So of those on the books already…

Texas, Notre Dame, Okie Lite and Utah are Power Five (at least for now; we’ll see what happens to OSU).

BYU is somewhere in between.

Memphis might wind up Power Five if the AAC replaces the Big 12 at the big boy table, which I know they are going to try to do. Realignment might also get BYU a seat at the table. They’re certainly the biggest program that isn’t Power Five already.

And the NC schedule, I suspect, is going to get cut to three games post-expansion. Less room for rent-a-wins.

Duds, thanks for listing future opponents, had not seen several of these yet!

Actually, Duds, the schedule site is inaccurate. We’re going to Salt Lake City in 2026. They are coming to RRS in 2029 though.

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