New starting QB

It will be Ty Storey at Auburn. Chad Morris:

“We want to settle on someone. We went into the game last week with the intent to settle on Cole…We got to a point in the second half…and I just felt like putting Ty in in that situation there (was not ideal)…It’s time to give Ty an even slate as he starts a game.” … -9-auburn/

The coach has to start somewhere and that sounds okay to me. It is one piece of the puzzle and I will watch what happens but do not expect miracles, but surely things will get better, they cannot get worse.

Head scratcher…

I get it. Noland and Jones showed the other day that they are not ready to lead the offense. Storey and Kelley give the team the best chance to move the ball, and Kelley didn’t get the job done last week.

I don’t disagree.

I just didn’t see that coming. I don’t know how Storey will be able to get anything completed against SEC teams, the deer in the head light look isn’t going to work, like we’ve seen.

Idk, I didn’t expect to win anyway so it’ll be alright at the end of the day.

that’s good!

Ty got pulled out of a game in which he wasn’t playing good but yet we were wining I don’t think he was given a fair chance as Cole was given last week. Ty will produce give him a chance

He’s getting another chance. I’ll pull for him like any other, regardless of how I think it will go.

It’s difficult to compare those two games. They went into the Colorado State game intent on playing both quarterbacks. They went into the North Texas game intent on playing one.

Storey was not getting the job done at Colorado State. They had the lead, but it was not due to quarterback play.

all I know is when Ty plays majority of a game they are undefeated :slight_smile:

He’s trying everything that he can. Storey gets his shot now. Neither are the freshmen are ready to play and that was evident Saturday. This is just a bad situation to be in.

Sounds logical to me. I hope they are giving those two true freshmen more reps in practice, though realistically I think Cole might still be the first back up for Auburn. If it gets out of hand by all means let one or both freshmen play, but I don’t think this early in the year it’s a great idea to play those frosh on the road against Auburn’s first team defense.

I am hoping that one or both of the true freshmen will be ready to play at meaningful times of the game for the A& M game. Not start, but be far enough along to come off the bench and be competitive. I think that would be a better game to throw those guys into the fray for long minutes than Auburn.

What I would like to see is that when we get to the Ole Miss/Tulsa/Vandy stretch we are at the point where one of the freshmen is the back up. If things still suck at that point, maybe we will have been able to get those two enough game action and reps to throw them into the water and see if they can swim.

IMO, it would be a terrible idea to play either Frosh in an SEC game. If they struggled against North Texas, just imagine what could happen vs. Auburn. Neither is ready for the speed and talent of a good SEC defense.

I disagree on Noland not being ready,the throw he made form hash to Hash was the best throw all day the rest of the time he had no real time to find someone open b/c all we try to do is throw it deep,no way in this world he can’t hit a quick slant or TE release over the middle(all our QBs can ) this IMO is a combination of a very poor OL and bad playcalling put Noland in that NT offesne and he would light it up.Craddock/Morris have to give our QBs a better chance at success and just move the chains and take the HR once you have the defense wanting to stop the short quick passes

Game 4 and STILL not figured out who to start at QB… We have alternated starters every game… Does Coach need to learn how to evaluate talent?

How do we go from

We wanted to settle on a starter, so we chose Cole Kelley.


We didn’t want to put in Ty Storey when we were far behind.


Ty Storey is our starting quarterback.


If Storey is “the man” now, why wasn’t it a good idea for him to replace Kelley in game three? Had we already given up?

The messaging that comes from CM does not explain the actions. We started Kelley in game one. He was ineffective. We put in Storey, and he turned the game around. We started Storey in game two. Storey played two ugly quarters and did not return. Kelley guided the Hogs to a 27-9 lead, then became ineffective.

It looks as though the coaches regret their “quick hook” in the previous games and didn’t want to replace Kelley with Storey, period. That leaves us in a weird position. Why is it so obvious that the Hogs should commit to Storey this week, when the “right thing” was to keep him on the bench last week?

This feels like another in a series of desperation moves centered on the fact that we don’t have a QB that fits.

To me, it looks like neither has sec caliber talent and he is trying to make lemon aid if you get my drift.

I think this is a case of an Arkansas kid not playing which caused a lot of phone calls and emails since Saturday. They are not going to win so Morris just said to heck with it…I willl give the people what they want. They can see for themselves and we can move on from the Ty Story controversy after the Auburn game.

Pretty easy to evaluate most of these QBs, because there’s so little talent to look at.

It’s flip flopping because the two that should be reliable are extremely unreliable and the others are just too Young and not ready.

The coaches tried to give Kelley the job, but he played so poorly he really played himself out of a job. They have no choice, but to start Storey at Auburn. He is not as talented as Kelley, but he is more dependable. Kelley played scary bad at North Texas. He didn’t value the ball, he couldn’t get the offense moving fast enough, and he threw very inaccurately. He also doesn’t see the field well. He doesn’t look at his options and pick the open man. I thought Kelley was the guy, but he is not. Start Storey and let Noland spell him…if that doesn’t work bring in Cole as a last resort if it is too tough for a freshman. I think Noland can handle the backup role.