New standings

What is the standings after games today?

Hogs 10-5
LSU 9-6
Ole Miss 8-7
Aggies 8-7
Auburn 6-9
Bama 5-10
Moo U 5-10

Florida 12-3
Georgia 9-6
Vandy 9-6
UK 7-8
Misery 6-9
SoCar 6-9
EOE 5-10

Lovely. The Corndogs’ crossover games are with Missouri (2-1), Vandy (1-2), Tennessee (3-0) and at South Carolina (next week). Combined, those teams are 26-34 in SEC play.

Meanwhile, the Hogs have Kentucky (3-0), Florida (1-2), South Carolina (2-1) and Georgia to finish the season. These teams have combined to be 34-26.

LSU’s remaining conference teams have a 35-40 record. Arkansas’ has a 36-39 record. Hogs lead LSU by 1 game with 15 to play.

LSU on road at Ole Miss next week. Arkansas at Miss State. Then Hogs are at LSU in a huge series. I like Arkansas chances.

LSU at South Carolina, then Ole Miss and Arkansas after that. Hogs at Miss. State, then host Bama and then at the Box.

That’s right, I left out a weekend as I looked at the schedule. Thanks for getting it right.

I’d like to see Ole Miss & LSU both lose two games to each other next weekend. :lol: I guess I’m pulling for a 2-1 split in favor of Ole Miss. We need to win the series at MSU. I know how hard it is to win on the road, but I’d love to sweep them. They’re playing better of late, so I know how unlikely that is. Still…

The huge dilemma for me though is whom to root against the most: OM or LSU. I hate OM across the board, but I really hate LSU in baseball. It’ll be hard to win the series against the corndogs on the road. Mainly don’t want them to sweep us. As you said, it’ll be a huge series.

In baseball, Ola miss thinks they are on an equal mountaintop with LSU. School history makes that laughable.

My LSU hate is stronger

Go RebBears!

I have to agree! As much as I detest Ole Miss, my disdain for LSU is greater.
One of these years, we will be hanging a N.C. banner!!
Could it be this year???

We’ve been to the CWS 6 times.
LSU has that many N.C. banners hanging.
Sure would love to see our first!

The rebneck baseball fans are the most arrogant, self-deceiving bunch that I have ever seen. They’ve been to Omaha once since 1972 (1956, 1964, 1969, 1972, 2014).

The LSU fans that I have met have not been nearly as cocky, but confident. They have reason to be so, the rebnecks do not.

Arkansas has been to the CWS eight times - 1979, 1985, 1987, 1989, 2004, 2009, 2012 and 2015.

Thanks for the correction, Matt!
I thought I had heard it said that it was 6.
Now I realize that it is DVH that has been to the CWS 6 times.
Thanks, Matt! It’s important to get it right.

You lost count. We’ve been to Omaha 8 times. Four for Norm, four for DVH.

Yes, I realize that now. Matt has already informed me.

Bottom line is Ola miss fans are probably the most
delusional on the planet.

LSU, unfortunately, has a lot to crow about.
Like Bama, the proof is in the trophy case.