New signs

They installed some new signs at the entrances to the ballpark today to reflect the name change.

The Walkers have always been great supporters of the baseball program. If the baseball authorities want to name the stadium Baum Walker Stadium, I’m all for it. I was sitting in the stands at the old ballpark when it was called George Cole Field.

It’s still George Cole Field, but this one sits in Baum-Walker Stadium. However, you’re right. The old place was simply George Cole Field.

I have watched some really bad hops on that playing surface at the old GCF. From there to Baum Walker is an amazing accomplishment started by Norm and being carried on by DVH. We are really fortunate to have both of those great men be a part of our baseball program.
My kids love going to the ball park! They like the Pig Pen! Especially when they can get a home run ball!