New SEC schedule due in early 2023

Absolutely agree here. Going forward, if we don’t build our program to a point where we don’t regularly beat Mizzou more often than likewise, that is bad on us and we will have not come close to meeting even modest expectations of program development. Missouri came into the SEC at a time when the SEC East was unusually weak and had a relative cakewalk, unlike the Aggies, who joined the west and have never gained traction. That said, one of the most attractive possible 3 team matchups would be OU, Ole Miss, and Mizzou from win-loss probability. Don’t look back, look forward.

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I would much rather have the three permanent opponents, with OU and Texas along with Missouri… I think it helps our recruiting as much as anything…

If we only have the one game against Missouri, we need to actually embrace that as a rival and start winning on the field and in the living room recruiting….

I’ve been predicting (a) the 9 game Conference schedule with (b) annual games (not “pods”) against (c) Mizzou, Texas and OU since the summer of 2021.

I’m staying with that.

Playing OU regularly has some cache to it with the history of their program. If I am not an Arkansas fan, OU fan, or Missouri fan and just scrolling to watch a game on a Saturday, I’m much more likely to land on OU because of their history than Mizzou. So if the game is OU-Arkansas, Arkansas stands to get more viewership than they would if it was Mizzou-Arkansas. It’s the same concept with LSU. Few people outside the state of Missouri gives a rats ars about Mizzou.

Arkansas needs to get to the point where we beat Mizzou regularly. But we should all prefer to play OU vs. Mizzou.


It’s not like we won’t be playing OU or plenty of other teams with a higher profile than Missouri. I just don’t want our 1 or 3 permanent rivals to be from the top tier of opponents.

Their record was pretty similar to ours this year. And there’s no guarantee Brent Venables returns them to that level. Remember they had some dark days as well before Stoops brought the program back. I’m not scared of OU. Or Texass for that matter!


School s with histories as long and storied as OU’s don’t stay down often. Besides, it’s not a matter of being scared, it’s a matter of playing a brutal schedule week in and week out. That is a formula for losing and sending the program into a tailspin

Do you think it’s any worse than the schedule we have been playing? I don’t believe OU and Texas are ready for the SEC gauntlet. CSP’s job is to have the team ready to play in the SEC, and that includes the newcomers. By your logic, we should want to have Vandy on our permanent schedule. No thanks!

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Ole Miss does, and that gives them an immediate advantage over us.


Who knows if they will going forward and what’s the immediate advantage? We’ve beaten Ole Miss twice out of the last three years and should have won all three games. Ole Miss feasted on a soft non-conference schedule this year. Ask Florida and Kentucky how playing Vandy gave them an immediate advantage.

If Arkansas wants national respect, you line up and play the best teams you can play and then you beat them.

Dude. We’re in the SEC. It’s a meatgrinder schedule whether we play Vandy or not. If you replace Vandy with Georgia, it just makes a brutal schedule worse. We go 11-1, no one anywhere will care if one of those 11 is Vandy.

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DUDE. Do you think a recruit cares if we beat Vandy? Not at all. But where we compete for recruits, beating OU and Texass pays off a lot more.

Yes I do. A recruit also cares if we beat every other team on the schedule.

Meanwhile, it appears that you got up on the argumentative side of the bed this morning. Which is nothing new.

Pot. Kettle.

Heaven forbid someone disagree with you Swine.

Dunning, meet Kruger.

I’m perfectly happy to have somebody disagree with me if they have a good take and evidence to support it. You have neither, just this bizarre conviction that somehow it’s a bad thing to play Vandy.

I seem to recall making a mistake in the distant past which I am now going to correct.

And your empirical evidence is? I don’t think you have any. Guess what? There isn’t any “evidence”. This is a message board and we all have opinions. We were discussing permanent opponents. I’ve never heard anyone talk about quality wins and counting Vandy as one of them. I’ve never heard of any recruiting expert talking about how beating Vandy helps you get good recruits. I HAVE been seeing us recruit Oklahoma a lot which is why I think having them as a permanent game is good.

At least playing mizzou will give us the chance to hopefully right this horrible wrong. Our record against them. While we’re at it let’s get back on the right track against the aggies. Being attached to mizzou sure would burn a lot less if we were 7-2 against them.

This latest loss has really soured my season yet again. Even have way less interest in other games.

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You seem to think OU and TX will always be in the position they now hold. That’s absurd. Yes, the gauntlet we run now is brutal. Too brutal. Why make it worse. Ole Miss had an easier schedule, lost badly to us, but because their record is much better will enjoy a much better bowl and more of that casual exposure you think we’d get playing OU instead of MU.

Swine is right. OM enjoys an advantage by having Vandy as a permanent opponent. Two years ago we played UGA and UF during our 10 game schedule. How’d that work out?

I don’t understand the mentality that if we’re not playing one of the hardest schedules in the country, we’re somehow not scheduling properly.

Recruits care if we win. Not if the wins are against the SEC’s hardest schedule

No we shouldn’t. If you do, that’s your business.

What’s absurd about it? Funny thing is that when I disagree with someone I don’t call their opinions dumb, absurd, or anything else. I just disagree.

OU will always be a higher profile program than Vandy or Kentucky. We don’t know that OU will always be really good any more than we know that Bama will always be this good. Both programs have had their ups and downs. We recruit in Oklahoma a lot which is why I think having them as our permanent opponent is a good thing. I also think playing OU regularly probably gets you more night games than playing a lower profile team. I think we’ve all agreed more night games is better for recruiting.

Btw, Ole Miss going to a better bowl has nothing to do with Vandy. It has more to do with us losing to Liberty, Texas A&M, and Miss St. & Mizzou.