New SEC schedule due in early 2023

As reported by The Athletic. The remaining question is when the Orphans will join the league. The decision to expand the CFP was one variable which has been removed this week.

No divisions, but the SECCG will remain. The options are 8 games with one permanent rival or 9 games with three permanent rival. Either way, every team will play in every stadium ay least every four years.

I wonder if the 2023 schedule is some indication of where we are headed. LSU is the first conference game on September 23rd, as opposed to the November dates for as far back as I can remember. Auburn got pushed back to mid-November. Ominously (if you don’t like them as an annual opponent) Missouri stayed in the Thanksgiving weekend spot.

Yurachek has said Arkansas will probably play Missouri every year moving forward. If it is an eight-game schedule, that will be the permanent end-of-year opponent. If there is a nine-game schedule, Missouri will be one of the three teams that Arkansas plays every year.

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Well we need to start to recruit the State of Missouri harder…and start to beat them more often …

I really wanted OU but looks like the SEC screws us again…

The annual Red River game is going to be preserved in the SEC. It’s as important as the Iron Bowl or any of the other big intra-conference rivalry games.

From Arkansas’ standpoint, I think being guaranteed to play Missouri every year is more desirable than playing Oklahoma because of the quality of those programs. Arkansas probably has a better chance to beat Missouri on an annual basis than it does to beat Oklahoma.

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I still think we’re probably going to wind up with 9 SEC games, because that will make ESPN happy, and when ESPN is happy the dollars keep flowing.

And if that’s the case, we get Misery, Texass and one more PR to be determined, IMO.

The third team would most likely be LSU, Ole Miss or Oklahoma in that scenario.

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While I 100% agree on the OU vs Texas game having to be played…

I don’t agree with you at all on Missouri being more attractive…. In fact that kind of insults me… hell we haven’t beaten Missouri but one time the last 7 years, and in fact they beat us physically almost every game! So why not play a more respected program that at least would yield some sort of a return in regards to recruiting value or program perspective… but to say hey I rather play Missouri because “maybe we can at least win”…. Dude you can kick rocks with that mindset…

There was a story in The Athletic — I’m not sure if it was the one you referenced or Andy Staples’ column this week — that stated the SEC might try to re-negotiate its contract with ESPN if there are nine conference games because that was not a consideration when the contract was written.

I think there will be nine games for a number of reasons, including to preserve some of the secondary rivalry games like Auburn-Georgia and Tennessee-Alabama that would only be played every other year under an eight-game format.

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FWIW, my $$ is the Hogs pod will consist of Texas, OU and Missouri.
UA…Campus of Champions

Yep. Bama wants to keep playing EME and Auburn and Georgia want to keep playing. That can’t happen with the 8-game format.

I don’t necessarily disagree with Guy’s guess, but I think we’ll have one SEC original team along with two Big 12 refugees. Ole Miss would be my suspicion, but LSU is also possible.

Well, I certainly didn’t mean to offend you with an opinion on playing Missouri instead of Oklahoma. Goodness.

Well I mean come on Matt… what if someone said “well I’d rather read Brett McMurphy over Matt Jones, because Brett is easier to read”…. LOL

In all seriousness, I don’t think anyone rooting for, or covering the Razorbacks should think we should prefer Missouri, because we should be able to “compete” better with them instead of OU….

Some of us really HATE being permanently chained to Mizzou, Matt.


I would say everyone has an opinion and they are free to it. I’ve done this long enough that I’m not easily offended by those kinds of comments.

I get that. But I also know that series is probably not going away.

This is my guess as well…Mizzou, Texas, and Ole Miss for the Hogs.

Especially if they go with the rumored idea of giving the teams that would be generally be considered as the top 8 play two permanent opponents within that group and one from the lower tier, while the bottom group gets 2 from that group and one from the top. I know that’s all subjective but Texas, A&M, OU, and LSU would all be considered in the top tier. That would likely put us with Ole Miss as the third permanent rival.

And that allows Ole Miss to have Miss St, Hogs, and LSU.

Texas gets A&M, OU, and Hogs.

That’s my guess but will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

Well I have respect for you in regards to that professional approach….

But as a fan of the Razorbacks, that has lived the majority of my life outside of the state , I have consistently heard “Arkansas is just not good enough”… and it burns me up…. To me your statement, which I believe mentioned that Arkansas fans would or should prefer to play Missouri over OU because they could win more of those games” or something to that point, yeah that kind of bothers me…

Your follow up post with the “goodness” added, was also somewhat dismissive…. So if you are going to have the approach of “everyone is entitled to an opinion”, I think you should also try to understand those opinions…

I understand that we will have to play Missouri no matter what the format ends up, but I don’t have to like it, and I dang sure don’t feel “relief” to play a crap team we already don’t get up for , don’t recruit that state enough and have gotten our butts beat by 6 out of 7 years… Naw I don’t want to be forced to play them.

I don’t think the SEC is screwing us by matching us with MU over OU. Despite our record against them MU is a much easier opponent


OU and Texas are about to find out just what a poop storm they’ve stepped into, no matter who they get for annual opponents. Welcome to the jungle.