New season!

And it’s time for a run! No reason why we can’t take 2 games and then start The Dance.

Sure would help to start these runs with a great team effort. (see Ky) For the first goal
is to hit our FT’s. 85% will do it and we have got to get Nick in the proper flow of the game. And start hitting these mid-range jumpers. Get the twins, Ricky, and Graham, and Devo with a mission to get better every day!

It’s simple start the ground work today! Today, not yesterday, and not tomorrow it’s Today!

What’s your keys to start our run??

A internal composure check that resets just shut up and work harder. The game plan works pretty good when executed. Refocus and move on but REFOCUS.


Pretty simple, do this!

If we take these next two games we might as well go ahead beat A&M again. Auburn and Kentucky are going to be just as tough a matchup for us. We have to keep their guards from going right by us. I’m not sure we can do that vs auburn and I have serious doubts if we can do it two days in a row.