New season predictions


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I think they deduct style points which figure into the point spread. That probably caused him to lose his bet. Can’t blame him for being bitter.

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Wish we had a thumbs down selection for clowns like this



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No, we did. But I’m confused why you’re trying to answer your own questions. Seems tiresome.


I noticed the same thing, Dudley.
Will surely need him for GA.

Still say we go undefeated. I say it every year because until someone proves they can beat us on the field, then I’ll say we have just as good a shot as anyone.

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I predicted 7-5. I am cautiously optimistic we can win one or two more than that. I do worry about injuries and SEC refs though.

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I worry more about refs than injuries.
The reason I say that think about the Auburn, LSU and Missouri games last year! All of those games had plays that went to review that ended up going against our hogs!
Injuries are part of the game. You just hope injuries aren’t serious and there’s enough depth to overcome them. You can’t overcome calls the refs make or don’t make!

Exactly. But there are a few key players that it would be very hard to overcome the loss of. One of them wears #1. Another wears 16. And then there’s our senior linebacking corp, Catalon and Trey Williams. A lot of indespensible men on that Defense.

You have to overcome the refs too. That’s part of the game just like injuries and random bounces. Got some iffy calls yesterday, won anyway.

There are calls that are iffy and there are calls that are just downright Curlesque. Those are the ones you can’t do anything about and can be the difference between a W and an L.

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I thought other than a pretty blatant hold they missed on aTm’s first decent run, the game was called pretty well.

Blown review calls are just terrible that took place last season. Period there’s no other way to slice it! A fumble is a fumble when you look at it and still give the ball to the wrong team you have no excuse.
The SEC is well known for sorry no count refs!

Then after the refs poor performance it’s common place for the SEC to come and and copy a letter and change the names of the teams that errors were or mistakes were made come out.

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