New season predictions

It’s easy to disavow my original 6-6 prediction now that we’re 4-0 with double digit wins over TX and A&M. But now I don’t concede a win to anyone. If KJ stays healthy, I’m thinking 8 at least.

It feels so good to be back.


If KJ and Burks stay healthy we could be 9-1 heading into the Alabama game. Hopefully no worse than 8-2 by then.

Ole Miss game will a street fight.

Ole Miss doesn’t scare me at all. We play defense. They don’t. Next.

Whoa, tap the brakes a little here. It’s a gauntlet and injuries build up.

They play Bama the same day we play UGA. They might spend more emotion & come out of their game more beat up than we do. If so, we should have a slight advantage. Of course, we might be the ones who spend more emotion & get more beat up.

Regardless, it will be a tough game. No one will pick us to beat uga, but nobody picked us to beat A&M, either. (Well, our homers did, but no one in the national media.). I’d have to give UGA the nod. They didn’t waste any energy today & we are at their place. Still, I wouldn’t be shocked if we won. I don’t think we’ll roll over.

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Herbstreit picked us to win. The only one on Gameday. Didn’t see the SEC show this morning.

There were a few national media that picked the Hogs.

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Yeah, you’re right. There were some. We were 5 point underdogs, I think, but some felt we’d pull the upset. I don’t think it was an upset. We were the better team.

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Burks was running around celebrating after the gzme.

Sure looks fine to me.


Did we throw over the middle?

Mr. Dark Cloud has arrived…

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Mr. I know everything has replied.


We scored 10 more points than A&M



I was just glad to see KJ leading his receivers a couple times today…

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Yeah the way KJ bowed up and ended the game and the way Burks was jumping around,we good on those guys I would think…


But we didn’t throw over the middle.

Do they put an asterisk by our win if we didn’t throw over the middle?


@neastarkie trolls happen……


Datburnit–Now you got me thinking, and we didn’t run back any of those kickoffs into the end zone for 100+ yard touchdowns either, and I hope I don’t lose any sleep over it because I need all the beauty rest that I can get and what I’m getting isn’t working so good and . . . . . . . .

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