New season, new Isaiah Campbell

Here is a column from Clay about Isaiah Campbell’s progression since the last time we saw him pitch in Omaha: … -campbell/

The changeup too me is the most unhittable pitch in baseball b/c you are always taught to look FB and adjust to off speed but but when you go from 95 to 87 you just can’t hold up especially with the bottom dropping out of it.I am pumped about next season if we can get a few of the new guys to help out we can be very good.

I think Arkansas has a chance to be a solid pitching staff again next season. There are a number of guys who have shown they can pitch. They just haven’t been asked to pitch in starting roles they will be asked to man in 2019.

Yeah I am more concerned about the offense than I am about Pitching…

I always have trouble seeing pitches when I’m at games. But I have no trouble seeing the batter’s reactions. Reactions to Campbell this year have been impressive. He is the real deal.

Well, I am more concerned about the pitching than I am the offense. That was a real “feel good” article about Campbell. He is the key to how well the pitching staff performs next year and I an enthusiastic.

On a side note, I wonder why the exhibition game Friday was scheduled for 6:00 PM. That conflicts with Friday night high school football. As a grandpa, I will be expected to attend the Springdale Bulldog vs Har-Ber game. I sure would like to see the exhibition game.

I won’t be able to attend the scrimmage Friday, either, because of high school football. But we will record the scrimmage and have some highlights afterward.

I plan to be there. I have a surgery procedure scheduled for Thursday afternoon. So I will have to see how that goes. Last 10 days have not been fun, but this surgery should help. Infected cyst has to come out. Uggh!

This weekend is official visit weekend for the 2019 recruits and a 2020 that you will hopefully be reading about soon. Friday night is all planned around the scrimmage. Perhaps they wanted to make sure that was a focal point since it was more difficult to plan Saturday not knowing too far in advance what time the football game would be played.