New respect for Teddy Valentine

I have to admit I have not always liked the way he carried himself on the floor but he was basically invisible last night. I just watched the game again and when we were down 64-61 Toney made an unbelievable play to get a tie up and as Toney was going back up the floor, Valentine Patted him on the butt and Toney looked back around and smiled at him I thought that was pretty cool.


Teddy still likes to show out. He does communicate more with players than most. He likes you to notice him with that sort of stuff.


If the SEC football zebras were half as good as Teddy, Sam would have, at least, 3 more dubs.


That has not always been the case. TV Teddy was good the other night! That was not the case in the SEC tournament when Vitale called Mosses Kingsley a mouse! Even then he was better than a whole bunch of them.


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