New Records in store for Hogs

College Football Records in reach of the Razorbacks

After watching LSU, Auburn and Alabama play this year I am confident our Razorbacks can underperform themselves into the following modern era records:

  1. The 1968 Houston Cougars beat Tulsa 100 -6. While the big three I mentioned above will not intentionally run up the score, you can’t ask a third teamer to not score. Their third team is better than our first team. Besides Gus would run up the score on us for the way Houston Nutt treated him.
  2. The record for passing yards in a game is 734 by Tech Tech in 2016. If San Jose can get 500 +, Alabama will easily surpass 734 against us. Their receivers are so much faster than our DBs it will look like we are standing still. Bama will have to rotate receivers to rest them after all those sprints to the goal line. At least their uniforms won’t get dirty from being tackled.
  3. The record for interceptions by a single passer in one game is 9 by John Reeves of Florida in 1969. I expect TAMU will hang that many on Mr. “Sparkle “ next week to remind him why he is not their QB. They may have more interceptions than we have receptions.
  4. Our rushing defense looks like it is primed and ready to allow an Auburn back to surpass the single game rushing mark of 427 yards by an Oklahoma running back against Kansas in 2014. It is sad to say we are fast becoming the “Kansas of the SEC”.
    These new records will make it even harder to recruit our way out of this mess. Looks like we are in store for many more years of being the laughing stock of the SEC. At least the SEC TV money will allow us to continue to pay weak teams $1,500,000 to come to Fayetteville and embarrass us in front of 20,000 fans dressed as empty seats. If we played ASU those seats would be filled by their fans and the money would stay in the state. That game would answer the question: Are the Red Wolves currently better than the Hawgs? Maybe that loss would make Razorback fans wake up and see just how far repeated poor coaching has brought down our mighty Razorbacks.